StarCraft II announced, 2008 release date speculated

Given the familiar look and feel of StarCraft II and the solid looking first screen shots, the game should be well in development. Its progress backs up the beta timing within a South Korean report that claims there'll be a StarCraft II beta at the end of 2007. An early 2008 release is a good estimate if the beta news turns out to be true.

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Animagi4476d ago

Wow. I hope so. I really hope so!

gta_cb4476d ago

yeh i hope so aswell ^^^

the game looks good, i just hope it feels the same as when i played Starcraft all those years ago.

brodels4476d ago

if this game doesn't have heroes and more micro it's gonna suck zomg zomg zomg zomg zomg zomg nerf massing units ftl

Bonsai12144476d ago

it better have the same starcraft feel.. cause it was perfect back in the day..

btw, did korea implode yet?

Odion4476d ago

It breaks my heart to say this but moments after the SC2 reveal South Korea vanished in a massive ball of bright light

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