Forza Motorsport 2 -- Weekly Pitpass Report #47

Che Chou over at has posted a new Weekly Pitpass Report. This weeks Pitpass Report includes an interview with former GT racer Takeshi Tsuchiya about his experiences with Forza Motorsport 2 at the recent Japanese Forza 2 press event. It also includes the translation to the Famitsu review of Forza Motorsport 2 and also how Forza 2 is the fourth Xbox 360 game to get a Platinum Hall Of Fame award from Famitsu which is also a very exclusive award to almost any game that is reviewed by Famitsu. Finally they have also uploaded a 720p video of a race between Mercedes and BMW Motorsport.

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gta_cb4170d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this game!

gta_cb4170d ago

infact i am about to have another go on the demo =D

sgaap4170d ago

At first, i wasn't overwhelmed, but then you just keep playing it and playing it. Never had that before with a demo.
I'm now trying to drift around the corner like they do in drift bible :)

giovonni4170d ago

I'm not a racing fan, but I'll give it a try

power of Green 4170d ago (Edited 4170d ago )

Pretty sharp, thats the 6th time i heard that after posting that same thing just after the demo released and these people including myself were the most critical.

Its so different and advanced most people didn't get what turn 10 did untill they played it more.

Sony fans are out of their minds the only thing GTHD has on Forza 2 is the grass. Watch the video once you read the pitpass report. This track has more cloud cover taking most of the sun glare off the cars and clearly shows Forza blows GTHD out of the water. No candy color paint jobs and less sun shows me Forza wins hands down(the only way to compare sense PS3 games are so dark and lifeless), Sony fans are use to games with color filtering(Sony's shortcut to realism) and games that do not use advanced sun effects etc.