Crazy Taxi released via download for PSP Go launch

Get ready Crazy Taxi fans as this will be a treat for you. It has been confirmed that a version of Crazy Taxi is now available for the PSP GO (via download). The game features not only the first but the second Crazy Taxi game and has two multiplayer modes as well.

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FrankDrebin3351d ago

I played this on the Dreamcast a million years ago. Time for something new.

Limited_Vertigo3351d ago

A million years and you still aren't ready for another go?

It had only been a couple years since my last play through of FF7 but when it was made available on the PSN I bought it that night.

Games we've enjoyed from the past still have a place in the present. I guess with you it takes over a million years.

droid and bot3351d ago

remember that leaked SEGA document ?
it looks like this is one of those games

Afreelunch3351d ago

This game has been out on UMD since 2007. It's just getting re-released on PSN for the PSP GO. We probably won't be seeing those rumored dreamcast titles for a while yet if they turn out to be true.

If you want to check this game out, it's called Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, and you can get a used UMD copy pretty cheap most places. It's a blast, but crazy taxi always is :)

droid and bot3351d ago

"This game has been out on UMD since 2007"
oh okay


"We probably won't be seeing those rumored dreamcast titles for a while yet if they turn out to be true."

i dont think thats a rumor man
that document got downloaded from sega's web site directly
wait a sec. i'll show you in my next reply

droid and bot3351d ago

enter this site
( as you can see its a sega website )

go to > "SEGA Latest News"

it'll be the last link in that page
"09/21/2009 02:02PM 52,736 SCEA Meeting Aug 5th Notes BH.doc"

it used to be there

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sinncross3351d ago

Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 in a single release?
Arcade and console versions as well?

Dunno about you guys, but count me sold!

Good work SEGA! Now release another one :)

soxfan20053351d ago

This has been available on UMD for a while now.

darthv723351d ago

i think it was called fare wars and included the first and second game.

This is a digital version of a umd game. Guess what...there is likely to be many more digital releases to come...can we get a post for each one when it happens?

ambientFLIER3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Yep. Seems like the only good games coming from sony are old dreamcast ones.

Afreelunch3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

This is hardly news, it's just one of the many titles getting a digital release for PSP GO. I found a used copy a couple months ago for fifteen bucks, and yes, it has the first two crazy taxi games on it.

SuperStrokey11233351d ago

I was actually playing the UMD for this today. Great game but the pull the music from the first one for some reason. No more offspring and bad religion for those who care.

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