The State Of The Station: The Peter Dille Interview

During this week's Sony Gamers' Day in San Diego, both Billy and Kato of Game Informer got a few moments with Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Peter Dille to ask a number of questions. They hit up such pertinent topics as the new PSP download network, second-gen titles, new rumble controllers, PSP 2.0, and much much more.

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gta_cb4224d ago

"PSP 2.0" i have got to find out more =P lol

gta_cb4224d ago

its like finding out what the next gen system like the PS4/Xbox 720(?) is going to include!

Observer4223d ago

So at least, having the rumble included in the Sixaxxis is a matter of "when" , not "if".

aaquib24223d ago

sweet interview. By this time next year the 360 will be known as a student taking a karate chop by a black belt ;)