PlayStation Network to Take Off this Holiday Season

Sony says there are 41 titles in the works.

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gta_cb4198d ago

is this for the PSP aswell? =)

sonarus4198d ago

all i have to say is. Its about time. I expected ps1 titles to be rolling on here like crazy. At least give me a rich selection. I already dwnloaded crash bandicoot to my psp and the syphon filter played it on the ps3 and the game looked horrible(guess its just been a while) but there are a lot of great games i would love to see e.g. battle arena toshiden

Torch4198d ago

is a brute understatment.

Now that the critics have run out of ammunition for bashing the PS3 for not having enough titles, I declare that we keep the negativity and controversey rolling...just to give them at least some form of purpose in life.

How about we all start bashing Sony for releasing more good news than we are able to keep up with?

(How inconsiderate of them!!!)

Uganda644198d ago

Mean! Bring on the full PSN games. I suppose this includes Warhawk, SOCOM Confrontation, Pain and LBP?

The quality of PSN titles is staggering, but I still want me some good PS1 games - bring on Chrono Trigger/Cross, Metal Gear Solid and some Final Fantasies!

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The story is too old to be commented.