When MMO Games Die - Matrix Online, Tabula Rasa, Hellgate: London, and more.

It has been a bad year or two for the MMO industry. A number of high profile MMOs closed down, and a few more are hanging by a thread. Others started with million+ sales (Age of Conan, Warhammer) and have since dwindled to around 100,000 subscribers.

What happens to the players when an MMO dies? Do they simply move on to another MMO? Do they go to WoW? Do they become fed up with the whole genre?

Losing your favorite MMO is worse in many ways than having a favorite TV show get cancelled. You can't load up the DVD and watch it all over again. When the MMO closes up, its gone. Your characters are gone. Unless someone sets up a pirate server (which is rare), its over.

How does this affect the industry, and how do players cope?

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Muckbeast5393d ago

Roper is doing his best to flagship Champions Online as well.

Insane respec costs.

Nerfs every few days.


Glamis5393d ago

My god. That guy is MMO poison.

Graffin5393d ago

Just goes to show you what happens when a finite number of people are given too many options.

Muckbeast5393d ago

Roper really should have gone back to what he did at Blizzard - voice acting and writing manuals.

jpymai5393d ago

Man, I remember reading all the hype about Tabula Rasa too!


17 Years Later, Hellgate: London Makes Surprise Return With New Game From Original Developer

IGN : Remember Hellgate: London? The dark fantasy action role-playing game came out in 2007 for PC, a year before developer Flagship Studios went bankrupt. Since then, various free-to-play and online revivals have come and gone. Now, 17 years after the release of Hellgate: London, it’s back.

Relientk77105d ago

I remember some friends and I all bought Hellgate: London day one because it was made by some original Diablo devs. We had fun playing it, good memories.


Fans Deserve a New Matrix Game Too

Gaming culture as a whole has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for the whole Matrix universe, and it’s only fair that, upon the franchise’s return to the big screen, gamers should get a piece of the green-tinted action too.

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chrisx1022d ago

Just remake path of neo, that would be awesome

isarai1022d ago

Path of Neo is so underrated

Magog1022d ago

I don't recall the old one being any good. Just play Control.

Eamon1022d ago

Imagine Hideo Kojima made a Matrix game?

JokerBoy1291022d ago

Just remaster or remake Path of Neo. That game was amazing!


Ranking the Matrix Games From Worst To Best

Considering its status as a pop culture icon that spawned half a million memes and imitators, it’s quite surprising how few Matrix games there are.

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FPS_D3TH1031d ago

I don’t remember any of them really being that good tbh lol

roadkillers1031d ago

You are mistaken, we just wanted a good Matrix game so bad that we said it was great.

FPS_D3TH1031d ago

Idk I think it was the best matrix game, but it was still pretty average

Eamon1031d ago

roadkillers is so correct.

It remains a mystery how a great Matrix game has yet to be made...

Outlawzz1031d ago

Perfect opportunity to right this wrong committed so many years ago ! Lol bring us a matrix game worthy of the one himself !

DaReapa1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

I would kill to see Remedy (Control) develop a remake of Path of Neo. If ever there was a case for a game being remade, PoN couldn't be more deserving. Well, that and maybe the original Metal Gear 1 & 2.

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PapaBop1031d ago

I loved Enter The Matrix but was probably the minority and being a teenager with lower gaming standards probably helped.

CaptainHenry9161031d ago

Will there ever be a new Matrix game? Probably not

plmkoh1031d ago

The best Matrix game is Conkers Bad fur day

masterfox1031d ago

There was a Matrix game pretty damn good that I played from start to finish, I think it was the path of Neo I think that was the one. :D

Abnor_Mal1031d ago

I did not like the Enter the Matrix game with Ghost and Niobi, but played the heck out of Path of Neo.