Capcom Axes Studio Behind Portable Zelda Adventures

Subsidiary behind multiple handheld Zelda adventures next in line to the get the axe.

In the ongoing efforts to reorganize company operations, Capcom has announced intentions to dissolve Flagship, one of their remaining subsidiary developers behind such handheld titles as Nintendo's Kirby and the Amazing Mirror for the Game Boy Advance and Kirby Squeak Squad for the Nintendo DS.

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midgard2294479d ago

huh capcom incharge of handheld nintendo games??? nintendo cant make their own games??? im confused someone please inlighten me? lol

ITR4479d ago

Flagship is just getting absorbed into Capcom...unlike Clover which just got killed basically for under performing in the market place.

Flagship was a 2nd party to the DS and GBA.

Kirby Squeak Squad for DS is made by 2nd party HAL LABORATORY INC.
They also did Super Smash Bros Melee(GC) and the current Super Smash Bros Brawl(Wii).

freeza4479d ago

were not going to see a real zelda untill its on another platform