Demon's Souls Preview: Under-Marketed End of the Year Video Game Gem

MEGATONik's take on Demon's Souls

"After reading about how old-school punishing this game is….MEGATONik was deeply intrigued especially when MEGATONik read an article ( detailing a 3 point gap (9 to 6) between two of Famitsu's reviewers"

"All in all Demon's Souls rings to the bone with foreboding, as you are alone in a dark world fighting all manner of demon and undead….and even other humans around every turn (which sometimes may even work for your advantage as you can have other players join you in a co-op beatdown of that boss you were having trouble with). Based on what MEGATONik has read and seen of the game thus far anyone whom enjoys a difficult and rewarding experience…or a world filled with shadows will be happy to play Demon's Souls."

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lukeb4dunk4211d ago

...for the hardcore gamers out there, or those looking for a challenge. I can not say enough about this game that has already been said. Challenging, yes, but all so rewarding. Like I have said numerous times before, I have never played a game that gave me such a sense of accomplishment before. While the difficulty may turn some away from this game, it is definitely worth every penny for those that are willing to give themselves over to the game.

Okira4211d ago

Luckily amazon has obliged to send me a confirmation email about my deluxe edition coming in the mail...With this and Uncharted 2 so soon I know I'll be on my PS3 for many hours to come. I think it's about time I got a dualshock controller....just have 3 sixaxis controllers til now.

lukeb4dunk4211d ago

Especially if you are planning on going for the platinum, which takes at least 4 playthroughs. I put in around 500 hours into the game and enjoyed every minute. To get the platinum however, I thing it took me around 250 or hours, to give you an idea.

rdgneoz34211d ago

Can't wait to pick it up, looks amazing. Funny how the low score that the article mentioned was because the reviewer thought the game was too difficult. I love games that give a challenge to the player, it makes you feel like you've accomplished something as opposed to other games where you can button mash and kill everything easily.

Okira4211d ago

Simply makes me think of Prince of Persia, and while it made it more accessible in some ways - you certainly don't get the same satisfaction from something that hands you a bone every time you die. Same reason many are now angry with World of Wacraft as it continues to cater more and more to the more casual crowd. Now if only we could have a new Everquest....
You mean you don't want to simply mash buttons and have the game play for you rdgneoz3? Here I thought that videogames were just like a drug, certainly not something where people want to actively think and participate *wink*.
I love videogames.....

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