Spong Interview Heavenly Sword Developer: Tameem

Ninja Theory is currently working on what could very well be the PlayStation 3's first killer app in Heavenly Sword, a vast adventure game with the style of a martial arts movie. It features a heroine called Nariko who, cursed with only a few days to live, braves an invading army in a last act of redemption for the killing of her friends and fellow warriors.

With an interesting story and various features that make the experience as cinematic as possible (with even Andy Serkis of Lord of the Rings fame lending a hand to direct motion capture for the game), action fans are sure to lap up Heavenly Sword.

SPOnG caught up with the co-founder of Ninja Theory, Tameem Antonaides, to find out more about the developer's latest project.

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ErcsYou4479d ago

oh my god. its been long time since a deveopment team went from nothing to something. this game is going to be a hit. they went from developing pc games to a true next gen title and not complaining about how the ps3 is too hard to program for. they took advantage of the the cell processor and have already proved themselves. i wonder what they will do next?

p.s. i noticed gamestop has warhawk for preorder at $39.99, 1 please....

KoolMan4479d ago

better yet, is "heavenly" on gameplay and graphics, it really is a next gen game worth every single penny. only game I think would make a difference is Devil May Cry 4. im so happy is a ps3 xclussive(about time)...

achira4479d ago

interesting interview. what will they do next ?

xg-ei8ht4479d ago

Maybe the heavenly sword will continue, maybe back in time etc, at some other place.

Just shows though, they ported pc code to ps3, and it ran it 4fps.lmfao.

Thats why ports from other consoles and pc look and run bad on ps3.

Unless of course they know what they're doing.

Observer4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

.. an action-adventure game of "epic" proportions, that starts with the main protagonist at the edge of extreme desperation and death, narrating the events that led him/her to that point ... and during these events we get to kick asses using a couple of highly flexible chained blades that would grind even the mightiest of fiends, and get to rythmically tap buttons during context sensitive events ... with the main incentive behind embarking on this adventure being an act of redemption for past misdeeds ... I swear i've seen this somewhere before ...