New Updated Call of Duty 3 Info

Call of Duty 2 is still the most popular Xbox Live games on the 360. Even nine months since its release no other game can budge it off the top spot and with good reason. After the multiplayer patch came out the game has become a huge success online, with clans competing online for King and Country and now comes the info which will have Call of Duty 2 fans frothing at the mouth and ears, thats right we have some rather juicy info regarding the new title Call of Duty 3.

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USMChardcharger6177d ago

CoD2 is a good game. one of the best single player games i have ever played.
and the multiplayer is top notch since the fix. love this game.



Call of duty 3 is going to be SO GOOD online!

I really can't wait, these new gameplay additions will be so much fun!

Marriot VP6177d ago

There some finally solid good news. 24 online players.

I didn't appreciate COD3 being out so soon, because all they want is to capitalize on the launch days of the PS3 and Wii. Also to take in 360's 10 million fanbase. Think of what it did for the 360 launch and multiply that by 3.

But in return we get a lesser game, just a mear upgrade.

PS360PCROCKS6177d ago

I dont agree Paul, but the demo will tell us for sure...I will most likely buy this game, man I am probably going to buy every game they all look good

FamoAmo6177d ago

Hey if the graphics are better and the gameplay is good count me in. It can be similar to COD2 B/C that game was pretty good but as long as it has better graphics and good gameplay like the first I can't complain. All company's are out to make a quick buck but if the game is good I could care less about how often they release a game!

USMChardcharger6177d ago

i like the new addition of more in depth hand to hand combat. it is a very big part of war and never is put into games other than what we call "the butt stroke":

(the swinging of the rifles butt stock into the enemey. it will leave a mark)

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