PS3 sales spike on Amazon after SGD '07 event

Apparently the plethora of triple-A title announcements and jaw-dropping screen shots from SGD '07 drew up a fervor of PS3 interest for UK customers. listed the PS3 as the coveted "most popular item." In comparison, the Xbox 360 Premium console is listed at number six, with the DS Lite "Black" at number five and the Nintendo Wii at number eight. With all the excitement over the last few days, it's good to see the PS3 install base growing with some praise and much-needed attention.

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jwatt4224d ago

I'm telling you guys, they don't need a price cut, they just need to get the games out and people are starting to see that the games are coming.

gta_cb4224d ago

sorry but i disagree, with the competition from MS and Nintendo Wii, i DEFF think they need a price cut. com on its not like you wouldnt want them to get even more people buying it... is it? ;)

consolewar4224d ago

fanboys. They need a price cut if they want to sell as good as the PS2. PERIOD

Robotz Rule4224d ago

Expect some MAJOR PS3 sales come 08.

alsef074224d ago


ElementX4224d ago

Fools............. only a moron would buy a system because of future releases. By the time most of those are released, maybe the PS3 would come down in price, that's when i'm going to buy one.

XxZxX4224d ago

hmmmmmm there are games to play in PS3 and Blu-ray movies to watch now you know.

gta_cb4224d ago

same here. also with the Xbox 360 line up, i will deff be spending all/most of my time on the Xbox 360 if i brought a PS3 anyway.

Torch4224d ago

"...only a moron would buy a system because of future releases..."

XxZxX almost took the words right outta my mouth:

Then what would you call someone who would buy a system because of HD Blu-Ray movies, a decent lineup of current games, AND future releases?

ElementX4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

When I bought my 360, I bought 4 games with it. Condemned, Kameo, Call of Duty 2, and PDZ. Right now I don't see 4 games on PS3 that I want to buy. I don't care much for HD-DVD and BluRay movies. My DVD collection looks just fine to me. No need to spend extra cash on re-releases of movies I already own. I'm just talking about me, I'm sure others can justify their PS3 purchases now, but I just don't see the reason AT THIS TIME.

Torch4224d ago

Nothing at all wrong with that.

Different strokes for different folks, right?

Mine just happen to include all the juicy goodness that the PS3 has to offer...including Blu-Ray movies.

ElementX4224d ago

Yes, different strokes. I prefer the left-handed....

spacetoilet4224d ago

Those four games you bought when you got that 360 are all crap.
Simple as.

bootsielon4223d ago

For 3 reasons:

1. Virtua Fighter is awesome, and it was gonna take a long time to arrive on 360 (I'm a fan of fighters).
2. The PS3 in the states still has the Emotion Engine, so I didn't want to wait till the PS2 chipset was dropped. Yeah, cheaper perhaps, and they might have been able to achieve 100% compatibility by then. But you never know... so I took the safe root.
3. There are plenty of upcoming games I want.

The last reason wasn't my only reason, as you can see, but it was definitely one. If these reasons were isolated, I wouldn't have done it, but I bought it for the combination all 3. So no, you're not necessarily a moron if you bought it for that; you are a moron if you bought it exclusively for that, and you have no plans to play any games currently available on PS3.

ElementX4223d ago

Sorry for my ranting last night :( I had too many beers :) and I was a little upset over my evening plans falling through :(

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The story is too old to be commented.