Jaffe Wanted X-Rated Calling All Cars

Sony marketing outlet ThreeSpeech has posted the result of a brief EyeToy based chat with the God of War developer.

He reveals one interesting tidbit about his new PlayStation Network title, Calling All Cars. In response to a question about whether Wacky Races, the 60s-era Hanna-Barbera cartoon, was an influence on the game, Jaffe says:

"No. R Crumb was an influence - the cartoon artist who did a lot of comics back in the 60s and 70s. Originally, it was not going to be so much of a G-rated family game - it was going to be more of an X-rated, kind of cartoony Ralph [Bakshi, director of the animated Fritz the Cat] kind of thing, and for a number of reasons we ended up moving away from that."

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clownfacemcgee4173d ago

Funny. X-rated calling all cars. Lol.