The 1UP Show: Episode 05/18/07

The new episode covers:
Square Enix Party, Sony Gamers Day, and Halo 3 Beta!

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ngg123454173d ago

WHat an annoying person.

Vojkan4172d ago

Even 1UP is getting more and more proXbox. I hate this fake sh!t, like they almost missed SCEA gamers days, becaue you know they had HALO3 BETA and that is much cooler than all games combine shown on SCEAGamers day!
I don't have anything against HALO but let's not over exaggerated. Also they sounded unimpressed with this event. They just said it was solid. I say it's bullsh!t! That event was more than solid. PSP rocked, PS3 had positive surprises and lets not forget its just 2 months until E3 and you can't expect from them to show you EVERYTHING.

THAMMER14172d ago

The world is aginst Sony....!? But this was a good 1up show. I never knwe people were so wraped up in Final F.

Husso4172d ago

wow they suck, what a bunch of retard xbots.