Hands-on impressions with the Halo 3-edition Zune

Ben Kuchera of found a present on his doorstop yesterday: the Halo 3 edition Zune Microsoft has been using to promote Halo 3. Not a bad thing to play with in the evening. He promptly opened the unit up, hooked up his headphones, and enjoyed all the Halo music and movies that comes pre-loaded on the Zune. All of this content is available elsewhere (the video documents, soundtracks, and artwork are easy to track down if you're willing to spend some money), but having it all together in one place was very nice. The Zune has a very attractive screen, and the sound is great. As a piece of hardware I came away impressed; even the packaging is worth a geekgasm or two.

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ITR4480d ago

Looks better then that PooPooBrown colour they made earlier.

JasonXE4480d ago

about getting the black version but I could go for the Halo Zune. I m not a big Halo Fan but it looks cool/unique :-)