Rumor: PlayStation Motion Controller codenamed 'Sphere'

Joystiq writes:

"One name Sony may be using with developers is "Sphere," a word that highlights the glowing colored orb central to the motion controller's technology. Sega producer Yasuhito Baba and his translator both referred to the controller as "Sphere" during an interview at Tokyo Game Show last month. Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi also talked about the PlayStation Motion Controller when we asked him if Gran Turismo would support the "Sphere" peripheral."

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Godmars2904316d ago

Though you know someone suggested "Christmas light butt plug" just once.

Not that they work for the company anymore...

JOLLY14316d ago

I guess it's better than pink tip....

Godmars2904316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

It also turns blue.

Yes, that's right: its a blue ball. Get a pair and you can say you're holding...

I'm not going to finish that.

Greywulf4316d ago

like "BLACK DAWN" or something? Imagine if the Government called the UFOS code named "Flying Discs"

Godmars2904316d ago

Don't you mean "Unknown Flying Things We Cover Up?"

The Killer4316d ago

there is no UFOs. everything on this planet is known at least to some people.

the current technology enables to make disk like airplanes, so no big deal, the secret military releases some of those airplanes and some brain washed idiots believe in the childhood fantasies.

God already said it that he created Jinns humans and angels and animals thats all!! nothing more nothing less.

if you dont believe in Jinns/devils you can go to africa and you will meet plenty, but i hope u wont lose your main when you see them.

FunAndGun4316d ago

"everything on this planet is known at least to some people."

Well, just 30 days ago a "lost world" was discovered with over 40 new kinds of animal/plant species. So no, everything on this planet isn't known. There are many things on this planet that are undiscovered yet, not to mention how vast space is and other planets, solar systems.

The Killer4316d ago

what i meant is everything which is artificially made is known to mankind.

airplanes are not nature made!

this universe and everything between us and god was made for the main 3 creations, humans,jinns and angels.

no one will ever find any life in any other place other than earth, its waist of time and money and energy.

the fact that only earth in the solar system have life should already indicate something for the idiot scientists.

if earth was 1cm closer to earth it will be too hot for life to live in and if it was 1cm further it will be too cold to live in.

everything in this universe is calculated by the millimeter and nano seconds!! nature cant control outside of its power if nature was the creator of life.

the matter is very clear, its either you are a believer or not, if not then you will believe even a dog is your god, if you are then you will know everything and the truth.

FrankDrebin4315d ago

That's right, time for good OLD Frank to drop his two cents.

Personally, I would call the Sony motion controller Dildo with Apple attachment.

When Sony revealed it during the past E3 I was stunned. I looked over at my officer pals and said, "What the funk is that?" "Your wife has one of those right?"

Honestly, it is one weird looking device and we can only hope that it changes slightly. Get rid of the apple attachment and you have a winner.

The demos they showed looked awesome!

Domenikos4315d ago

I know that quality > design

But they better come up with a better one, cause they will look pretty weird at my bedroom.

The Great Melon4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

@ The Killer

Having life on earth should tell us something. The fact that we exist should be more of an indicator that we are not special. In the billions galaxies out there, it is probable that there are many solar systems that mirror ours down to that very centimeter. Life might have happened there or it might have occurred in some other strange form in conditions different from that of our own.

That being said, I would find it utterly satisfying if life was ever found, to see it spreading its religious/spiritual views over some artificial medium similar to the internet that it is the only thing capable of living in this universe.

On topic:
I doubt Sphere is the official product name. Things like this need to roll off the tongue a little better.

evrfighter4315d ago

truly the right design for the ps3 fanboy.


SixZeroFour4315d ago

i always looked at it like a gimped

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Great, now they need to come up with something with an analog stick to eliminate the need of a DS3 in one hand and the sphere motion controller on the other.

LinuxGuru4316d ago

Agreed, we need an analog stick somewhere.

erathaol4315d ago

I think the D3 support was just a cheap solution so that we wouldn't have to buy more attachments than necessary. They are still just dipping there toes into the water. I mean some of the concepts for the other games were dual wand action, which was cool as well. Next year Sony will be taking the plunge and than we'll see how well the new control swims.

Roper3164316d ago

my GF will probably like it, I personally have no use for this or any other motion control gimmick.

Keowrath4315d ago

Agreed, it's going to have to be one SPECIAL game to get me interested in this. Wii, Natal, Sphere...


etownone4316d ago

It's well known N4G is over run by sonyfans, bug honestly guys, are you really looking forward to this thing?
Besides the fact that's it a direct rip-off of the wii
but then you have to use the analog on your ds3
and on top of that it looks like a sex toy.

Anyways, you guys can call natal a rip off of the eyetoy but it's a whole new technology and I'm looking forward to trying it out to see if it's worth the money since I already have the wii.

Heartnet4316d ago

hehe its not new u has the eye camera as u has said then u have something which does the exact same thing called the Z camera which works for all 3 consoles... i mean natal will be good but not as good as people are saying its going to be

Keowrath4315d ago

Sony Fan, not Fanboy. Read my comment above yours.

McLuvn4316d ago

Mr. Happy.

casual gaming FTL

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