New Conspiracy Theories Surface over Blizzard announcment

The craze over the new Blizzard announcement has caused such a stir, people are speculating as to what they are actually planning on revealing. This article talks about the different ideas that could make up this announcement. Is it really Starcraft 2? Could there be more than 1 announced title?

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iceice1234473d ago

It has to be, announcing a new game there where SC is the biggest game. If they were to announce anything different there would be riots.

Saint Sony4473d ago

It is most likely Starcraft 2, but I would be more than happy to see them bring something totally NEW. Something really really cool and new. Just way too many sequels today in movie and game industry. Makes me worried about the lack of imagination in this business. :)

Tyrael4473d ago

I agree definately needs to be Starcraft 2 if they are announcing it in Korea. Furthermore there was something mentioned about how they are debuting a project Medusa, which alludes to Kerrigan of SC Expansion if anything else.

Im not gonna lie though, I really really really want Diablo 3...

AzaziL4473d ago

imagine that. if SC2 comes true as that, it may become one of the most successful games ever made. This may have been one of the smartest moves in the business, by waiting 10 years to release a sequel to what can be called one of the best games made and quite possible the best RTS then and now. If they made it an MMO, I could only imagine how bad it'll get.

pLaystation4473d ago