Modders accidentally leak Halo 3 information

A Halo modding community has accidentally made various hidden game files public, found by retrieving hidden data in the Halo 3 Beta code. They reveal new weapons, vehicles and equipment and also suggest new modes and rankings for the full single and multiplayer game.

Before we go any further, a warning: the following are in no way official or confirmed features of Halo 3, but they do appear in the Halo 3 Beta code in some form too complicated for us to comprehend or explain. We're just the messenger.


The original thread regarding the secret content at has been “edited” to remove the details in an attempt to keep their forums related to modding and not game content.

Finally, has re-blogged the Games Radar story and included links that support some of the speculation.

Read on for the list of leaked details, that you may view as SPOILERS ….

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Extra Guy4480d ago

Dang i'm always about to post something when i find that it has turned up 20 mins ago. I added an alternate source for the info for you.

kewlkat0074480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

thx mate, If this turns out true, I don't know about the flame thrower tho...must be some secret weapons bungie is not telling us. Can you believe a CHOPPER?

anyhow with a grain of salt, as you know..

Evoluti0n4480d ago it's a [email protected] 2nd rate site, that piggy backs off of bigger sites.

WilliamRLBaker4480d ago

not that its 2nd rate but this site doesn't really have any original content its all from other sites... so to say something about one you have to say it about them all..

grifter0244480d ago

Yes but we dont send out information like other site's, we just post them here as in like a database of information for the gaming community. First I dont think any of this is real just some stunt to get some hit's, I think the flamethrower would totally be misplaced in the Halo universe. I hope that weapon doesnt come in the final game, I mean how are you going to use it in any real situation.

NYG0094480d ago

itz all good this game just seems 2 be getting better

Marriot VP4480d ago

I hope this is true

Also to note the "infection" game type will be like the improvised version of Zombie from halo 2 we made up

iceice1234480d ago

a map creator. God damn it would make me as happy as a Sony fanboy finding out they're getting halo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.