Halo 3: Stuff That Needs Fixin'

The Halo 3 multiplayer beta is here, and like true Halo fans, Advanced Media Network have spent the last week screaming at our TVs, blaming Bungie for our incompetence as players.

They have posted a list of things they feel if fixed, will bring Halo 3 to a insuperable level.

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PS360PCROCKS4171d ago

I still haven't played it as I am a loser who never bought Crackdown. I need to try this before the opportunity has passed.

Lyberator4171d ago

I just hope they have time to fix all this before it releases.

gta_cb4171d ago

well i would think so, especially with them only saying that they will release it in fall, which gave them alot of leeway, so now they have announced its going to be available before the beta is over must mean there quite confident there going to get it all done on time.

Caxtus7504171d ago

.....some are a tad over the top such as AR more powerful imo and what is with BR spawn? Thats a playlist issue and NOT a gameplay issue.

I agree with the talk button and Grenade/weapon sounding more powerful though. BR is nicer sounding n H2.

Graphics i am positive will be spruced so wont even bother with that

The post game lobby point about ratios in skirmish is valid but not gonna happen. Pro's dont need it anyway-a win is a win, a team knows who is the clutcher so a ratio is nothing to them.

All in all i love H3, although nade damage is not too good. Skirmish is so much better now!

roll on September!

gta_cb4171d ago

"I agree with the talk button" - DEFFINATLY that is the only thing i didnt like =)

Skizelli4170d ago

Yeah, the push to talk should be an option at best. I think Bungie did this so that you wouldn't have to listen to people's crap music and screaming, but what's the point if you'll easily be able to mute them?


1 word

DELAYED cause u guys are wanting too much for this game
and then it wont be better LOL

One4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

personally i like the beta the way it
is i think its perfect except for
a couple things so not perfect but
pretty [email protected] good, but anyway cant wait
for the games release

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The story is too old to be commented.