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AndyA4373d ago

No surprises there. Pretty even split between platforms as well, not too much for the fanboys to argue about - well, you'd think.

Leord4373d ago

If consoles are involved, there's always something to argue about ;)

hakis864373d ago

it's surprising to see Killzone 2 on that list. Good thing though - it's a great game! =)

vhero4373d ago

Fifa was gonna sell huge anyways it does every year its hardly news really its more of.. OH really? Again? Like Anybody Cares? EA Does? Good For Them :). I guess the fact most people bought it for £25 helped too. A lot of people who wouldn't have normally bought probably picked a copy up.

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Dorjan4373d ago

wow, fifa10 to the top! Nice one.

coolfool4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

The mind boggles when thinking about this game. How can they release essentially the same game (with slight variations of course) year on year and still sell it? Assuming that people aren't stupid enough to buy every iteration, that means there can't be enough people to really keep this game at the top week on week.

Which means.....there really are people who buy one every year.

Also, good to see DIRT there, I think it's an incredibly well polished package. Great game.

Bathyj4373d ago

How did Killzone get in the top 20? Must be part of the Slim frenzy.

PotNoodle4373d ago

Nice to see GT PSP @ 12th. That is great for a PSP game, can't remember the last time i saw a PSP Game in the charts.

Such a shame the PSP got hit so hard with the piracy stick.. :(