Newest Lair Video

The newest gameplay video from Lair, one of the most anticipated PS3 exclusive games.

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InMyOpinion4265d ago

The water looks amazing, but why is it so dark?

Violater4265d ago

You are looking at a screen cap, kinda like when you watch a bootleg video. It will look much Sharper and Brighter in 1080P

techie4265d ago

Hey Moron. Go to gametrailers...and embed this video and another new video right here. Makes it much easier to view...and it'll get through.

Ps. to Jason. How many Halo 3 Beta videos did we have to sit through?

JasonXE4265d ago

right? I decided to do the whole contributor thing today so I'm voicing my insignificant opinion and option.

wildcat4265d ago

but to say how amazing the water looks. Almost photorealistic when the sun hits it just right. Plus that creature reminds me of that lake creature in SotC. Very nice!

Hydrolex4265d ago

I dunno but it looks like. be honest, look at the water
this game shows the PS3 cells and RSX power

Xi4265d ago

how would you know? you never played either.

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The story is too old to be commented.