Top 10 Greatest Gaming Accomplishments

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at the top 10 greatest gaming accomplishments.

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ape0074276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

earning the mile high club achievement was the best achievement moment ever,I also beat it for 5 friends of mine,they couldn't do it,they gave up and I also beat it nearly ten times again

also I beat it on ps3 too for 2 times

Go Gaming Giant4276d ago

I spent so many hours on Mile High Club, could never do it

ape0074276d ago

to use your third eye and sixth sense

dgroundwater4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Though I will say it was hard to achieve for the first time, it isn't nearly as difficult as it's cracked up to be. I've managed to finish it twice with only a pistol. Just know where to shoot, stun, and run. It works well as long as you don't screw up.

WAW on veteran is so unfairly hard considering the amount of grenade hax the Nazi's use.

Theonik4276d ago

Mile high club was easy, infact almost everything on this list was easy.

Cenobia4276d ago

Yeah, seriously. That and the Nazi's that spawn out of nowhere. I mean the infinite waves of nazi's was bad enough, but then I keep getting killed by magical invisible nazi's that only appear and shoot me when I turn around.

I did beat every level on veteran, but man did it make me hate that game.

Darrius Cole4276d ago

Beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma on Master Ninja Level. Is my greatest achievement to date as a gamer.

Working on beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 at the hardest difficult now.

Major_Tom4276d ago

If I may request a few things on the lay out of the page that would be great:

1) Love that this is organized onto one page, nothing makes people rage more when your forced to click through a crappy website like GameDaily.

2) More Media Plox. More Screen shots, perhaps a few embedded youtube videos. It just makes it a lot easier on the eyes and engages the user a lot more than just plain text on the screen.

ShabzS4275d ago

its not gamedaily this is go gaming giant

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thegreatest78844276d ago

I got to the end of Mile High Club once. Imagine my dismay as I learned "Veterans Only Take Headshots". My controller went out the window.

gameseveryday4276d ago

completing Ninja Gaiden was my Greatest Gaming Accomplishments

astrobrights4276d ago

I agree. NG was extremely hard.

Komega4276d ago

Getting NAT settings to work lol....classic

TheHip144276d ago

haha I still struggle with that

Ramin1234276d ago

Mile High Club was many much pain argh"!!!!

Go Gaming Giant4276d ago

its the last achievement i need in that game

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