Ratchet And Clank: A Crack in Time Trophy List

The trophy list you've all been waiting for....Ratchet And Clank: A Crack in Time! Thankfully Insomniac has clearly made any of the spoilerific trophies into secrets, so gaze away.

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GameGambits4312d ago

The release of this game only gets me more excited for what I know comes next from Insomniac...Resistance 3 in winter of 2010!!! :D

lordgodalming4311d ago

T.O.D. was literally a Day 1 for me because I bought it with my PS3. This game will be my second plat trophy.

woolley4312d ago

Not too many trophies. Even though I don't really play for trophies I would of liked more.

Ravage274312d ago

there are altogether 17 secret trophies that were NOT shown, and knowing Insomniac, they will definitely be interesting :D

woolley4312d ago

I know but even with the 17 secret trophies there are only 37 and that is a lot less than most games.

Razmossis4312d ago

Yeah most games have around 50-55

BlackPrince 424312d ago

Doesn't surprise me that a lot of the trophies would be accessible for them. And it's fine with me because I'll get another platinum out of this.

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Jmlopezbr4312d ago

I can't wait... but these trophies seem like they will be very easy to get... maybe my first platinum xP

Ron_Burgundy4312d ago

like most PS3 exclusives of course

Snatcher4312d ago

Do you have to play the games in the past to understand the story of this one?

Sunny_D4312d ago

In the beginning of ACIT, Quark will be giving a flashback on what happened in the last games. So he will keep you up to date on it.

Snatcher4312d ago

I'm going to buy this game, because it looks fun.

PeptoBismol4312d ago

whoa snatcher, you finally saw the light and switched over to the PS3 side

good job

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The story is too old to be commented.