Xbox 360 Keypad Impressions and Q&A

To get a bit more insight into the mysterious Xbox 360 QWERTY Keypad Device, TeamXbox called on the expertise of Xbox Live's Group Program Manager Jerry Johnson.

Excerpts of the interview:

* TeamXbox: Did you have any particular games in mind when creating this?
* Jerry Johnson: While we are sure that game developers will implement this keyboard into their titles down the line, this peripheral was created to make text chat and IM over the Xbox 360 easier and more convenient. We are excited to see how game developers use this accessory in the future, but games were not the primary reason for its creation.

* TeamXbox: Why did you decide to create a keyboard that was added to the controller, as opposed to a full-sized standalone keyboard?
* Jerry Johnson: A USB keyboard can already be used with the Xbox 360 today. Rather than create another standalone keyboard, the Xbox team decided to bring something entirely new to the gaming market. The new keypad for the Xbox 360 is the first ever that connects directly to the controller. Because it fits seamlessly into the 360 controller, gamers can use it while playing games without having to interrupt game play. We have created a very easy and convenient way to type messages to friends without having to ever pause the game or put down the controller.

TeamXbox are really looking forward to using Windows Live Messenger with the Xbox 360 QWERTY Keypad Device, as it will easily change how people interact when engaged in an Xbox 360 endeavor (no more pecking at the virtual keyboard - whew!). The quality and seamless integration of the Xbox 360 QWERTY Keypad Device also gets us amped for the future possibilities of this device, as any text-based MMORPG or title needing more buttons for assignments will clearly benefit form such a quality piece. Even if you don't plan on playing games of a MMO nature or chatting with your friends via Live, you'll at least consider the Xbox 360 QWERTY Keypad Device as a favorable ergonomic upgrade for your current 1st party 360 controller.

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gta_cb4479d ago

just want to add, if you want to use this feature with the little see thru black box, you can by using a USB keyboard. all you need to do is have a convo going, then press the windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt (bottom left) and the letter M.

and if you have more then one convo going and your using this feature then just press again the windows button and the right arrow.

Sphinx4479d ago

I'm tired of pecking at that crappy on screen one, and voice messages can take a long time to load and send and receive.

FCOLitsjustagame4479d ago

When is this thing released?

kewlkat0074478d ago

is it fits perfectly without getting in the way. It probally adds a little weight to the Controller, but thi sis really nice. Peripheral of the year IMO. Will be so much quicker to type back and fouth as I do on my T-Mobile DASH PDA phone which I'm so used to.

gta_cb4478d ago

the only thing that worries me is that when they showed us the prototype it didnt look like the head set would fit in the keyboard =(

like i said the prototype so it is most likely to change, but if it didnt then you would only be able to use one at a time .... =(

BIadestarX4478d ago

gta_cb, they already said it... the current headset will not work with the keypad. Instead they said.. it will come with its own headset.
It kind of sucks... but at least it comes with it.

gta_cb4478d ago

oh right, sorry didnt read all of it lol.

well at least it comes with one, and that means you could use your existing headset with a diff controller if your split screening while online.

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The story is too old to be commented.