Game publishers buffeted by Nintendo's big April

Wall Street industry analysts staged their traditional postgame show. They were unanimous in their opinion that the success of the Wii and DS, which rely primarily on first-party games, has cut into the bottom line of third-party publishers. In April, roughly 63 percent of all Wii games and 79 percent of all DS games sold were made in-house at Nintendo.

"The shift in interest to Nintendo products has clearly stolen share from third-party games across all platforms," said Pacific Crest's Evan Wilson."This has had the greatest effect on Electronic Arts due to its size."

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ItsDubC4171d ago

Maybe Wii 3rd-party games would sell better if they weren't just ports. You get what you put in.

The article also mentions 3rd-party games on the 360. With Halo 3's impending release, 3rd-parties better step their game up if they wanna compete.

dale14171d ago

spider man sales in america haven,t reached 60,000 for a new system and as bad as the graphics are i know.this is a game put out of nintendos hands which hasn,t been greatly received, most of nintendos games have charted high but take into account package deals include these games
as far as im aware this is not in a package deal so lets see how others fair as solo games not package deals
hey i could be wrong they might sell a million next week but lets see

PS360WII4170d ago

So I guess 3rd parties are going to have to put forth some effort and make some games that people want to buy now

ITR4170d ago

Ubisoft said RS and Rayman are either at the 1 million mark sold or about to be.

Last I saw them they both had over 950k sold each.