IGN: 5 Things You Need To Know About Madden 08

IGN got their hands on the new game. Weapons, Owner mode, Superstar and more.

In most cases those words are followed by flashing lights and sirens. In Madden 08, those weapons make them one of the most dangerous teams in the game (and not just on the streets).

You see, Madden 08 is about superstars. It's about what weapons (skills) separate Chad Johnson from Ashlie Lelie at wide receiver. It's about being able to recognize the abilities of the best players on the field and taking advantage of match-ups.

It's about seeing Ocho Cinco lining up against a rookie corner and crossing another name off of his list.

That's what having weapons is all about and it's one of the cool new wrinkles in EA's playbook.

But there's a lot more you need to know about weapons, not to mention owner mode and the twitch controls, so here's my list of the five biggest things that stick out in my mind after a night of playing 08.

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Blackmoses4224d ago

that Madden has finally return to it's glory. I loved madden of a few years ago the one on the 360 and ps3 is too glitchy.

Maddens Raiders4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

-- "The more I played Madden yesterday, the more I was blown away, not just by the flashing eye candy of graphics and animations and gang tackles and 60 frames-per-second, but by the amazing responsiveness of the controls. From spins to stiff arms to jukes to the way you work your receiver back to the ball then sidestep defenders and take it to the house, David Ortiz calls 08 "the most responsive Madden ever" and I have to agree. This is going to be the game where your skills on the stick are the difference between a 5-yard gain and high-stepping 50 yards for the score. --"

Man, I can't wait for this game to drop! Good gawd makes me wanna touch myself...ahem (sorry)lol

The only thing that bothered me about the article was --"There are Possession Receivers who will make catches in traffic with the tap of Y. Shutdown Corners like Champ who will run stride-for-stride with the best in the game in man coverage (even if there are no guarantees in zone), and Spectacular Catch receivers like Randy Moss (who is always motivated in Madden, making the Patriots ridiculous in this game), who have their own set of animations when it comes to wowing the crowd with their big-play ability." --

That's my only gripe so far. That being that I wish there was a way to match the players demeanor (in this case R. Moss) and off-field issues, attitudes with their real-life counterparts. I don't think it's right for R. Moss to sh!t on the Raiders and Vikings and still be able to show people up consistently in Madden World as if he's Jim Otto, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, or a modern day D!ck Butkus or something -- ya know "dedicated to the game." C'mon, get real. Ok that's it. Still can't wait though.


kewlkat0074224d ago

I can't wait for 2K sports...Enough of this Madden stuff.

Robotz Rule4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

2K's king of all sport games!

Basketball,Baseball,Football, Hockey.....You name it!

But that won't stop me from purchasing Madden 08,I've simply been royal to them since the PS1 days,and will continue the tradition along with All Pro 2K8 Football on my PS3 and Xbox 360,hope it's better than the previous ones in the past and this year's too:)

lil bush4224d ago

we'll just have to see.....

InMyOpinion4224d ago

That it's rugby for girlymen? lol!

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