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Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 vs. Wii

It's almost time. Oh yes, it's almost time. The Xbox 360 has been available for over six months, and soon the next generation console wars will reach critical mass. This November, Sony will release the PlayStation 3 to the world, while reports indicate that Nintendo could release the Wii a month or two ahead of the PlayStation 3. No matter when Sony and Nintendo get their next generation consoles to market, this holiday season will mark the official beginning of the next generation console wars. Over the course of the last two console generations, Sony has made it clear that they own the gaming industry. The company came out of the gate with the original PlayStation and dominated Nintendo and Sega, then it overwhelmed Microsoft and Nintendo with the PlayStation 2. But several important facts have been revealed about the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii that could make the battle much closer this time around. In addition, Microsoft will have a one year head start with a strong market hold in the US and Europe. The next two or three years should be very interesting, but for now let's look at how the battle this holiday season is shaping up.

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PS3 is expensive and has a poor game line up and weak online features. I see 3DO and Neo-geo status- expensive, deluxe and not adopted by the majority.

360 will rule america and europe with its games line up, 5 million users, Live! and its cost.

wii will rule in japan with its games, krazzy controller and LOW price.

DG6351d ago

Know why because people are stupid and want the biggest, shyniest and most expensive product on the market.

Look directly at the cooooin you are nooow a ps33333 faaaan. Now at the snap of my fingers you will go and buy a PS3 on november 21st. SNAP!

Bill Gates6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

Aren't you the same lame a$$ that was crying about how much you hated M$ because your 360 shat the bed after only 6 months of use, and M$ will not replace it because the waranty is obsolete? you jack ass.

IMO 360 "gamers" (but in my opinion they're not real gamers at all) are the most idiotic and biased people on earth.

This site has really turned to sh!t all because of people like

TheMART (aka TheFART or TheKMART)
The Read Deal
Pro Duche bag Logic II

and many other lame biased M$ fanboys.

For Gods sake, 12 out of the 15 top comment posters are xbox fanboys, but yet almost all the 360 news post are empty with posts. They're all posting on PS3 news posts. That says a lot considering that I've yet to see Nintendo fanboys (I apologize for using the term Nintendo fans) posting on PS3 news day and night.

But without a doupt TheMART takes the cake.

LOL.....the dude said he has two masters in AND he owns a home built back in the early 1900's...LOL AND he owns his own business...ROFLMFAO

come on kid who are you trying to fool..your mother?

IMO you're just a biased LIAR who who can't stand the fact that SONY has the better hardware, and is looking to have an even better lauch line up of games than M$ this time around. The 360 is a great system without a doupt, and many great games will come out for it just like the Wii, but come just admit that SONY has the most advanced hardware coming out on the Nov. 17th regardless of how much hate you have for the company..LOL.

Also regardless of what you think, SONY has excellent top notch games coming out for it's systems PS2 & PS3. Don't hate so much you LOSER...LOL

DG6351d ago

IMO Sony actually does have a better launch line up.

da 366351d ago

lets sony had lied about alot of stuff the screen shots I saw doesn't seem to be anywhere near what they were showing. And the reason sony beat nintendo was sony had cd and nin had carts which made it harder and more money to make games for so some developers went over to sony. now sony has BD and xbox has DVD9. for six hundred it should look better than x but it don't.

TheMART6351d ago

Well Bill, if you like I could give you pictures of my 1906 build house, my own working office, my view on the park, all.


WIthout a doupt? 'DOUPT'? Man go do an English course please!

Give me your mailadres and I'll post you pics of all my assets including my 360 and setup.

Still it changes nothing on the most overhyped and underdelivering system up to date, like the PS2 was. Sony Fanboys seem to forget constantly how they were lied to. And again, Sony lies with the PSZero. It only has peak power, nothing to get good games on.

And the line up @ launch. OMG it's going down one on one compared to the Gears of War package this Christmas for sure

THE TRUTH6351d ago

And to The Mart... I already gave your dumba$$ the launchline up, but I already know what your going to do.... Your compare PS3's game lineup with the games 360 will be coming out with. Nice try but no cigar, 360 has been out for 8 months and sold 4 million consoles. That's great for M$ but what have they given gamers? What GAMES have been made to truly make believers out of gamers that the 360 has been a true NEXT-GEN console. In 8 months what progress has M$ made in 8 months? I'm not talking about what lies ahead I'm talking about from launch to today!!!!

Here's the comparison to the 360's launch line-up to the PS3 (unofficial) Lineup

360's launch lineup:

Amped 3 (2K Sports)

Call of Duty 2 (Activision Inc.)

Condemned: Criminal Origins (SEGA Corp.)

FIFA Soccer 06 Road to 2006 FIFA World Cup (Electronic Arts Inc.)

GUN (Activision)

Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Game Studios & Rare Ltd.)

Madden NFL 06 (Electronic Arts)

NBA 2K6 (2K Sports)

NBA LIVE 06 (Electronic Arts)

Need for Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)

NHL 2K6 (2K Sports)

Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Game Studios & Rare Ltd.)

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (Ubisoft)

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft Game Studios & Bizarre Creations Ltd.)

Quake 4 (id Software and Activision)

Ridge Racer 6 (Namco Ltd.)

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 (Electronic Arts)

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Activision


PS3 launch Lineup thus-far

* Alone in the Dark Nov. 17

* Call of Duty 3 Nov. 17

* College Hoops 2K7 Nov. 17

* The Eye of Judgement Nov. 17

* Fatal Inertia Nov. 17

* FIFA 07 Nov. 17

* Fight Night Round 3 Nov. 17

* Formula One 06 Nov. 17

* Full Auto 2: Battlelines Nov. 17

* Genji 2 Nov. 17

* Gundam Mobile Suit Nov. 17

* Heavenly Sword Nov. 17

* Madden 07 Nov. 17

* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Nov. 17

* NBA 2007 Nov. 17

* NBA Live 07 Nov. 17

* NCAA Football 07 Nov. 17

* Need for Speed Carbon Nov. 17

* NHL 2007 Nov. 17

* NHL 2K7 Nov. 17

* Resistance: Fall of Man Nov. 17

* Ridge Racer 7 Nov. 17

* SingStar Nov. 17

* Sonic the Hedgehog Nov. 17

* Stranglehold Nov. 17

* Tekken 6 NOV. 17

* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Nov. 17

* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Nov. 17

* Tony Hawk's Project 8 Nov. 17

* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Nov. 17

* Warhawk Nov. 17

* WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2007 Nov. 17

(this is from my research and not every title is a sure launch but it is the best list I could come up with to date)

TheMART6351d ago

Again dumbf*ck you gave a list with games that are already known to

a. Be delayed
b. Aren't worth even a Nintendo 64 game (Tekken 6 with major bad graphics)
c. Aren't next gen
e. Will be on 360 earlier or at the same time
f. Are no system sellers.

So instead of giving a list with all you can find and all that rubbish, give me the top 5 exclusives that'll sell the system.

I can't get any out of there, maybe Heavenly Sword, but will it be there @ launch? Still it's no MAJOR exclusive.

Gears of War, that's a great exclusive. Forza 2 another one. Both system sellers. And you forget the most important thing: these games will stand to the massive 160 games line up @ Christmas for 360

TheMART6351d ago

Let me get trough your list:

* Alone in the Dark - no exclusive, not a system seller

* Call of Duty 3 - No exclusive

* College Hoops 2K7 - No exclusive, no system seller

* The Eye of Judgement - It's a freaking card game man

* Fatal Inertia - exclusive but no system seller

* FIFA 07 - no exclusive

* Fight Night Round 3 - I've been playing that already for months now nothing new no exclusive

* Formula One 06 - exclusive, but what's CGI? I've seen many nice screens from Motorstorm but now it dissapoints me


* Genji 2 - uhm hahahahaaaa

* Gundam Mobile Suit - exclusive, no system seller

* Heavenly Sword - Now that looks allright, but is it a system seller or not? I guess it's the only one then...

* Madden 07 - no exclusive

* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - No exclusive

* NBA 2007 - no exclusive

* NBA Live 07 no exclusive

* NCAA Football 07 no exclusive

* Need for Speed Carbon - no exclusive

* NHL 2007 no exclusive

* NHL 2K7 no exclusive

* Resistance: Fall of Man - Looks allright, but compared to Gears of War it falls short in every way.

* Ridge Racer 7 - I SAY RIIIDDGGEEEEE RRAACCEERRRRRR those games suck big time

* SingStar - Only Japanese buy this game

* Sonic the Hedgehog - no exclusive

* Stranglehold - no exclusive

* Tekken 6 - SAVE THE BEST FOR ALMOST LAST... OMG HAHAHAWHWHWHOHWOHWHAAHAHAH how you dare even to still mention this crap?

* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - no exclusive

* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas - no exclusive

* Tony Hawk's Project 8 - no exclusive

* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - IS IT THE GIANT ENEMY CRAB? REAL TIME WEAPON CHANGE? Worst game in time

* Warhawk Nov. - this is a great PS2 game. It's dull and the only game USING MOVEMENT CONTROLLER WITHOUT RUMBLE it stinks

* WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2007 - no exclusive

That compared to 360 launch window

COD2 exclusive and system seller
PGR3 exclusive and system seller
Condemned exclusive
Kameo exclusive
Amped 3 exclusive

Other games like NFS MW also did fine together with 360.

GRAW exclusive, major system seller
Oblivion exclusive, major system seller

Man I can continue, but there is nothing I've seen on PS64 yet like that. Period

TheMART6351d ago

And just for you because you seem to like to have facts. If you can manage to see my house old European style, watch my avatar

DG6351d ago

Gotta give you credit for going through every game on that list.

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omansteveo6351d ago

I think Sony is tryin to do way to much, the average person thats going to buy a PS3 are'nt going to know about all of these extra features that they keep boastung about let alone use them they are looking for one thing better graphics period. Everyday i watch people buy games souly based on how they look no matter how much they suck and the one reaccuring question i get about the PS3 is not what cool features its gonna have or how many controllers and hey i keep hearing about a new processor its are the graphics gonna be any better than the 360's and i tell people not 200$ more better and thats a fact! and theres no dening that there is not a 200$ difference in graphics and thats what people want not a tilt controllers or a blu-ray drive

THE TRUTH6351d ago

the average person thats going to buy a PS3 are'nt going to know about all of these extra features that they keep boastung

Is there an obvious reason why anyone thinks the "average" person is so damn ignorant? How the hell do you know what the "average' person knows about the PS3? We are in the age of internet people.... Within no time at all people can look up all the info they want on just about anything. Don't try and call the average console buyer or "casual" gamer ignorant because the info is out there. I'm sure they will do all the nessecary research before spending $300, $400, $500, or $600.

jiggajayp6351d ago

The PS3 launch titles won`t be able to match the XBOX 360`s 2nd gen titles! XBOX 360 will continue to rule the US and Europe! The Wii will rule Japan!! Japan has already said that PS3 is too expensive!! PS3 gamers, including the ones on here bashing the XBOX 360, will not see any real reason to buy the PS3 right now with the second gen 360 titles like gears of war and halo 3 right around the corner!! They however will buy a PS3 when good titles launch and Fony, I mean Sony is forced to drop the PS3`s price to keep up with with 360 and wii! Trust me, No one is gonna buy a $600 game console then have to buy games and a second controller!!

THE TRUTH6351d ago

Japan has already said that PS3 is too expensive!!

BY FAR THE DUMBEST STATEMENT EVER MADE ON THESE BOARDS!!!! Japan has said...... are you serious? How can everyone in Japan be speaking with one voice and make such an ridiculous ststament. ROFLMAO seriously where do you get your info? How can you or for the fact any of your other 360 fanboys be taken seriously? I think you have read waaaaayyy too many post from the likes of The Real Deal, The Mart and Pro Logic....

TiTuS6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

I dont think its right to make false talk about somthing that has'nt happened yet, so please until the time comes for it to Crush the Xbox and crush the xbox it will. so wait , sit back and watch cause SONY has been in the business for a long time and they will do everything to in-sure the launch go's smoothly.
XBOX sucks XBOX sucks XBOX sucks XBOX sucks

Dustin_c_miller20086351d ago

im getting all 3. i dont need one system i need them all.

jiggajayp6351d ago

Only getting ps3 for tekken when the price drops!!!!

da 366351d ago


Marriot VP6351d ago

lol, yah jigga the screenshots are repulsive and very bad. I'd wait until the price drops in a year if your lucky.

AuburnTiger6351d ago

Damn people, Tekken has always delivered when it comes to straight out game play. You’re telling me by a couple of early shots that you’ve already condemned it to failure? Come on now, you people just might be judging Tekken a little early.

TiTuS6351d ago

Im quite a PS3 Fan but Tekken is the most boring fighting game, with friends it is'nt that bad but its still boring as hell, not that it does'nt play or look good but the fighting is so S L O W and that P'ss me off. PS3 RULES

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Dustin_c_miller20086351d ago

well i need to systems. i feel sorry for the people that the 360 has messed up on but microsoft should fix that for you. but ps3 wii 360 there all going to be good. ps3 sucks xbox 360 wii sucks people that say that crap just need to shut up and have fun.