Ratchet And Clank PS3: New Video

Dubbed Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Sony promises this latest outing for the duo will feature a "vast, new galaxy more vibrant, diverse and interactive than ever before." Of course, Sony would say that, but going by this trailer SPOnG's inclined to believe it. A next-gen dash of paint wasn't forced to bring a huge amount to the franchise, but this trailer looks pretty spiffy.

The game's being developed by Insomniac, who's last PS3 work we saw was Resistance: Fall of Man, and as far as SPOnG's concerned that worked out fairly well.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is due out this Autumn. Now enjoy!

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rowdy 14224d ago

Realy enjoyed this series. From the looks of this upcoming title I will be playing it for hours. Did they ever say how big the worlds are? All gamers would enjoy this game and the previous series as well.

Inasid4224d ago

They said in the video that each level is twice as big as the ones they had for the PS2.

VirusE4224d ago

GRRR wont play at work!!!!! :(.

MetalProxy4224d ago

This game looks ten times better than Kameo! woot Yet another title that looks awesome.

thatdude4224d ago

never played any in the serires but the game looks nice

Robotz Rule4224d ago

I own each and every R&C game on every platform and love them!

I can't wait to play R&C:TOD on my PS3!

I'm gonna be soo happy:)

I hope there's multiplayer for online gaming.

X4224d ago

It doesn't look like there will be multiplayer in this version.

I am looking forward to this game though. It looks like it will still be a very fun game to play. Now if you excuse me, the guy succeeded in his job and I'm going to go listen to staying alive.

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The story is too old to be commented.