Atelier Rorona coming to PS3 in summer 2010

CrispyGamer: NIS America is bringing the PlayStation 3 title, Atelier Rorona, to North America next summer.
The popular alchemic RPG series from Gust makes an evolutionary change with Atelier Rorona and makes a series debut on the PS3. The anime style characters and backgrounds remain, but have been upgraded with a new cel-shaded animation style. The basic game play carries over the tradition of the Atelier series, using alchemy as the main focal point as fans would expect. Like the other games in the series, players can craft new items and also battle enemies using the power of alchemy.

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Kamikaze1353301d ago

But man, this sort of sucks at the same time. White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII will be out by then, lol.

vhero3301d ago

I think its pathetic it takes a professional company over 8 months to convert a game from japanese to english. The game took about the same amount of time to make from scratch its just lazy.

GameGambits3301d ago

I'm just glad this game isn't coming out at the same time as other big name titles LIKE FF13 or White Knight. I know I personally wouldn't pick Rorona over either of those.

I've checked out some gameplay vids and I gotta say NIS/Gust is still being lazy about taking advantage of the PS3. I can appreciate they have a cool art style, but this art style has been done a 1000X better in a different game...Eternal Sonata. It's a cheaper looking version and the two are differently in sync when it comes to art choices.

I'll still be looking forward to it next year. :)

sinncross3301d ago

Thats not a bad thing at all.. by the time this releases the PS3 user base in US/ EU will be larger (due to WKC and FF13) and likewise the JRPG crowd would have grown more.

This only equates to a better chance for the game.

Now we just need Yakuza 3 and bam! good year :)

jjl3301d ago

I do believe NisAmerica is not that big of a company, and it usually takes them a year. I agree with other big companies it really does suck.
What happened to Square Enix attempting to tap into the western market? You can do that by releasing your games worldwide at the same time. Oh I forgot, you decided to take cheques from Microsoft instead and drop PS3 support altogether for a few years, thanks.

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Relientk773301d ago

I actually thought the opposite Kamikaze135

more RPGs for the PS3 n 2010, awesome

I'm lovin' it

MetalGearRising3301d ago

BETA test it for xbox360 make sure to iron out the bugs and what ever.

mrv3213301d ago

As we all know porting a JRPG to the 360 is extremely succesful because JRPGS basically only sell in Japan and the 360 has a massive asia fanbase. Right?

So what do you have to say to that.

Relientk773301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Oh so you mean like most 360 RPGs that come out on 360 and then go to PS3 with better versions with more content and extras?

Star Ocean 4
Tales of Vesperia
Eternal Sonata

Hellsvacancy3301d ago

Its the other way around - Bioshock, Tales of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden 1&2, Eternal Sonata, Alone In The Dark, Star Ocean 4 etc

Your comment fails MetalGearRisin

Slient Knight 93301d ago

what about the UK god damn it sucks living here for gaming