New Releases for the Week of 7/10/2006 (USA)!

Complete list of new releases (USA) for the week of 7/10/2006 on Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PSP, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Game Boy (USA)!

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omansteveo6175d ago

Prey comes out tommorow im siked to play it, ive already got it payed for

Nodoze6175d ago

The demo for chromehounds will be the decider. I am hearing word that it is incredibly boring! Oh well!

OutLaw6175d ago

I also heard that the game is actually garbage.

USMChardcharger6175d ago

the A.I. is my concern. if they fixed the A.I. from earlier vids...then it should be a good game. i will wait for the reviews.

silent ninja6175d ago

ever since the fall of dreamcast sega has been going downhill.whatever they have made in last couple yrs hasn't impressed me. campare sega to capcom ,konami ,or squere enix they haven't released an innovative game.

they better be carefull or they might end up like atari or accliam studios

joemutt6175d ago

I have been waiting for it since before the 360 launched, I like the customizable mechs, but I bet I beat the game with the same mech I created on level 1, I always stick to things like that.

I bet it will be available used pretty quickly, maybe I will pick up a used copy.

silent ninja6175d ago

with prices of games sky-rocketing these days i better be carefull of what games to buy. i'll pick lost planet that has both mechs and third person action elements. kind of two games in one

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