Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Gameplay Video and Interview

Here is a new gameplay video of Naughty Dog's game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Enjoy.

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AtlREMF3114265d ago

It's not as clear as the Gametrailers footage, but good find either way.

Don't know about you Deep, but I'm excited as hell about this game and HS. I love adventure games like these and this looks like it will no doubt be a winner! (just hope the storyline will be compelling)

techie4265d ago

I'm just like you dude! The storylines for both sound epic

ReconHope4265d ago

sweet. im trying to only watch trailers though i don't like spoilers

lil bush4264d ago

nice vid deep, this game is gonna be sick.........

Jamaicangmr4264d ago

I am seriously excited about this game. I can't believe how beautiful the graphics are. The water effects and the water falls and get me started on the lighting. Naughty Dog really got my interest for this one.

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