BioShock Limited Edition Cover Art Revealed

It's been a month since the community contest was announced over at The Cult of Rapture that allowed fans to submit their own designs for the Limited Edition box for BioShock, and the winners have been announced. While second and third place get prizes, first place is what matters here, as the winning art will soon be decorating GameStop shelves everywhere.

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Rhezin4478d ago

wow looks like Sh!t, no color just bland. Thanks for the cover design a$$wipe

Saint Sony4478d ago

It was in the instructions to greate a cover that can be printed like hmm.. what's the term.. embossed? So the final design had to be black and white with pure black and white.. no other colors/shades.

Rhezin4477d ago

shut up nerd. NERD BASHING TIME