More Than Meets the Eye - Activision Talks Transformers

Activision has brought two of the central stars, Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, from the upcoming Transformers movie to their video game. Daniel Suarez, executive producer at Activision for Transformers: The Game, took some time to talk about the convergence between the two mediums and how this new game is a great example of Hollywood and game companies working in tandem to expand the film experience to the interactive realm. Full interview within.

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Maddens Raiders4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

this sounds so cool. Having the original movie actors is the bomb -shizzle. My only fear is that the game gives away the flick before I watch it (over and over again)!lol

WilliamRLBaker4268d ago

my fear is that the movie will suck....cause we know the game probly will.

sumfood4u4268d ago

A lot of people Co~Cok~Khe Can't wait!