Gran Turismo 5 pics,now in HD

Yesterday posted 17 new screenshots of Gran Turismo 5,but they weren't in HD.Today Neogaf member,Solidsnakex,has posted most of those pics again ... but this time in HD.

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prabx4869d ago

Look so frickin sick :)

fishd4869d ago

before someone screams BULLSHOTS!!! BULLSHOTS!!! look at these offscreen shots of GT5 Vs thses new HD pics

crazy-eyez-killah4869d ago

Someone grab my jaw for me please.

ultimolu4869d ago

...*can't seem to pick her jaw up from the floor*

Somebody help me before it falls off. o.o

deadreckoning6664869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Looks great! If only this wasn't a driving sim, then id be much more excited. I hope Agent has these type of graphics.

Darkeyes4869d ago

Lol, even of these are Bullshots, they look 10X times better than the Forza Bullshots LMAO.

(BTW I don't think they are BS... look at 1.1)

Ju4869d ago

Yeah, I can't believe these are game play. Photomode, yeah, but not gameplay. Still ... speachless ... whoa...

Ravage274869d ago

guys try showing these shots to your non-gamer friends, wish i could show seen the reaction from mine :D

Twilightx74869d ago

I love my 360 as much as the next guy, but these shots make my brain hurt. Just too awesome.

crazy-eyez-killah4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Forza record no other driving game looks even close...

St04869d ago

fap fap fap fap fap fap

Major_Tom4869d ago

It's gettin pretty close to Forza graphics.

doG_beLIEfs4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

PD would not stoop to T10 level and release bullshots. As you can see from the comparison of OFF SCREEN captures and the official screenshots, other than the fact that the gameplay (replay) shots are OFF SCREEN...there is no difference.

GT5 makes F3 look like a wii game. Not really like a wii game but it shows as big a gap in graphics as do most 360 games against wii games.

If I were Sony I would release a bunch of direct feed in game video at the F3 launch. Man that would be funny. Especially if they show day nite racing and rain.

I love that the PS3 is proving Sony right when they said next-gen does not start until we say so. With GT5, GOW3, UC2, KZ2 and so on...they were not boasting they were just stating simple facts. In another year or 2 the gap between 360 and PS3 games will look like the gap between wii and 360 games.


Fished posted a link that shows off screen shots with the official shots, other than they are not in hd and off screen...I see no jaggies. Yes they probably add a bit of AA but nothing else. We will see soon enough when Sony has the GT5 big reveal (hopefully right at F3 launch) soon.

I went back and played GT5p again and while watching the replay you can zoom in very close to each car...and wow it still looks incredible with almost no alaising.

Mindboggle4869d ago

They arent bullshots, but thats not what it will look like when its on your hdtv at home. You dont realise these have multiple added layers of AA. So yes its real but the AA isnt.

And i dont care bif i get disagrees, you wait until its on your TV.

None the less, it wont have as many jaggies as forza 3 lol :D

Ju4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

TBH, even if this is photomode and they can render this close to realtime, it'll be still impressive, IMO (like instant picture, or 1/2s or so). And yeah, the AA is way beyond 4x.

blackmagic4869d ago

This is an in game screenshot. It looks fantastic. It looks like a game that was actually made this generation. Notice that it is from an angle that you could actually use to drive the car. Notice that jaggies actually exist. Notice the heads up display. Notice the draw distance isn't infinite. Notice that there are 'flaws' which you would expect from an actual game. Notice that this looks lika a playable game.

These are bullshots. It looks unbelievable. Notice that you couldn't possibly play the game from these angles. Notice you couldn't find a jaggie even if you zoomed in. Notice the lack of heads up display. Notice the motion blur perfection. Notice the infinite draw distance, perfect textures, etc etc etc. It's clear that these are game assets being pumped through a very high end pc with all the settings pumped up.

I tried to do the same thing for Forza but I couldn't find any in game screenshots. Every shot Turn 10 has submitted to ign has been a bullshot as far as I can tell.

doG_beLIEfs4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Notice the DATE on the page you linked to. Right above the screenshot August 2007 thats over 2 YEARS AGO, I remember those screens they came from a still unfinished GT5P, notice you cannot see anything in the mirrors except a jaggy mess? These were shown BEFORE the final code (that fixed the jaggy mess in the mirrors) was FINAL.

I know it is hard to believe, but these shots my friends are from REPLAYS of actual races from the actual game. The PS3 is that powerful and PD and GOD (Kazunori Yamauchi) are capable of this kind of carsex.

Here is a replay video of the still unfinished GT5 from TGS.

Funny, I can't tell a difference from these shots to that replay, an OFF SCREEN replay.

Here are a couple more

bnaked4869d ago

it's from photomode. It's ingame grafics but with much better anti aliasing

gta_cb4869d ago

wow they look amazing!

blackmagic4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Don't get me wrong, I think GT5 is looking fantastic and it's a day one purchase for me and I imagine it's better than the shot I linked. That is the only shot I could find that was clearly actual gameplay which is why I used it and honestly, I think the end product will look better than that but the point is, I believe that photo and I absolutely do not believe these photos. I don't believe these shots are in game or replay and because of things like blur effects etc I don't even believe they are photo mode. To me they are games assets either off a high end pc or they have been altered using photoshop.

Even the video you linked to is replay. That's not 'in game', that's 'in replay' where processing power that would normally be dedicated to things like AI can be used to make it look better for 'in replay' mode. I want companies to stop showing us pictures that are clearly not the game and start showing us actual honest to god shots from in game taken while someone is actually playing them. This isn't a Forza vs gt comment either. I looked and I couldn't even find an 'in game' shots for forza, they are all bullshots.

Look, I've attached a screen capture from the video you posted and keep in mind, that's 'in replay' not 'in game'. Ignore the car because this is only a streamed video so quality is low. Instead, look at how the game does blur effects which is what I am trying to point out. I know it looks like a dog's breakfast when it's a screen capture but it looks really really good when in motion but clearly the pictures shown on this post don't look anywhere near this screen capture and that's from replay mode too. They are worlds apart. They are clearly not real. In short, they are bullshots. All I ask is that a company release shots that actually represent their game.

Edit: couldn't get the screen capture to attach but here's a screen capture from gamersyde showing the effect. In motion it looks great but a scgreen capture doesn't look anything like the photos from this post.

Edit 2: Greywulf, I am really trying to keep this out of the gutters... I'm not trying to compare gt to forza at all and I only mentioned Forza also does the bullshots to try and prevent this from becoming a giant 'my console is better than your console' urination match that n4g always reduces to.

Greywulf4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Not generic blur over anything outside of your frame of reference model(gun or third person character). Polyphony has gone on the record saying their Press shots just have More anti-aliasing. Which is obvious in the bullshots. But the model detail & lighting has always been the same. Which is why the reflection samples are so low.

Its not a night vs day difference, the aliasing. And the views you're seeing are more than likely from a replay camera, which runs in engine with added depth of field. If Prologue is anything to go by. Which is also realtime.

You're never going to see those angles while playing a racer, because you wouldn't be able to drive the car. You will see other models driving in front of you that have the same detail. For example, on the M3 in prologue, if you get it in a corner you can clearly read the bulb letters on the headlights. There is no bait & switch here like with Forza.

Turn10 literally uses different models for different parts of the game. 1, the bullshots have increased polygon -player- model, the rest of the world is dumbed down to support this (people in the stands are swapped out with LOD cardboard cutouts at replay, something Gran Turismo doesn't do). 2. The menu boasts the highest polygon model(unlike Gran Turismo where PD uses the same model. 3. The beginning of the race uses a higher polygon model than when you actually start driving. It swaps it as soon as you have control, and blackens the windows so it doesn't have to render a full interior. Thats not the same thing as upping the anti-aliasing for your print shots. Not the same thing at all.

I mean trying to pretend GT's bullshots don't represent the ingame lighting/model detail/effects is a lie and a slap in the face of what PD has managed to do at [email protected]/12-16 vehicles on tracks with detail of Tokyo track.

Gran Turismo 5 prologues "IN GAME CxCKPIT MODE" moving footage looks absolutely beautiful. Compare the F1 car to the real thing in that xckpit view. Or.. take a still while nothing is moving. Wonder which is more representative of what a player will be doing?

I mean, I've played prologue & watched replays. Polyphony hasn't lied to anyone about the quality of the game with the 8XAA images. the lighting is lush, the detail is amazing. I cant see how you sincerely try to pretend that these shots aren't representative of the lighting/shadow/model/environm ent quality which is in an actual product you can buy today.

At the end of the day you're trying to convince people that these shots look 10% better than the actual in game looks, when the in game already looks photorealistic. I mean.. ok.. but wheres the spilled milk?

PD released HD captures of in-game direct feed cxckpit view footage for prologue. They have nothing to hide, and even showed off screens of the game when it was mid-build with the dodgy rear-view mirror.

fishd4869d ago

The pic that you linked to is from Aug 2007,these new pics are from Oct 2009 that means more than 2 years of improvment you know

doG_beLIEfs4869d ago

Check my second link, it has a gameplay video for you with the Ferrari.

doG_beLIEfs4869d ago

You need to copy and paste that beautiful explanation on every future thread when disbelievers cannot believe that PD and the PS3 makes GT5 look that good. So well done.

For veterans of the GT series...we KNOW what PD is capable of and we know that they don't T10 every screenshot.

Face Palm4869d ago

Forza 3 iz teh definetiveive raser thiz genorashin n notin iz evin wit in YEERZ!!!

blackmagic4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Edit: Simply not worth the effort.

ProperFunked4868d ago

off screen actually makes it look even more real for some reason...the HD makes it too glossy.

MegaPowa4868d ago

Really? 2007 pics are you friggen retarded? Or did you think we would fall for that

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Digital-_-Smoke4869d ago

Still refuses to accept these are realtime...

spunnups4869d ago

LMAO. I have a hard time accepting this as well. Everytime I see shots of GT5, I scream "No Effing Way!"

monkey nuts4869d ago

This game is going to be worth the wait, now if it would just come out already ffs!

Bereaver4869d ago

Go PD go!

+'s up if you love or hate it! You know what I mean! Don't let the jealously take you under!!!

Lord_Ranos4869d ago


Nelson M4869d ago

Holy Exploding Xbox BoTman