Sony Boss Defending the PS3 Controller

Speaking in an interview with German website Spiegel Online, Harrison has defended the motion sensing capabilities of the PS3 controller, stating that he understands "why people are saying that [the controller copies the Wii controller], but it's a bit dumb, if you can forgive the expression."

And contrary to popular belief, Harrison explained that the PS3 controller design was not some last minute decision.


hmmm. I can see why "people are saying that the controller copies the Wii controller".


Aflac6331d ago

every1 knows it was a last minute decision to copy nintendo's motion sensor idea

TheMART6331d ago

So this dumb guy,from the Japanese, the country that loves stupid games with young girls doing sex-games is saying that all customers that want rumble and not a movementsensor are dumb.

hhhmmmm that's nice to say to your own customers! You're supposed to take them serious. No Rumble is dumb. It stinks. I want to feel when I got shot in a FPS or other games also.

Ey Harrisson: you are dumb. The PS3 is dumb too. Dumb Japanese games and idea's

kingboy6331d ago

i guess u didn`t forgive his expression! ur mad ?lol then don`t read the danm articles if it`s gonna hurt ur feelings

OutLaw6331d ago

Sony is great to be the first with everything. They made tv's and Radios. They also came out with the first system ever. They also created the first Wii like controllers, Online gaming system, downloading game demos and they are going to be the first one to give us a choice of adding blu ray as a seperate unit. The price of the system is going to be $299 core and $399 regular package minus Blu Ray. To me their best creation was the Sony Fanboys. Who keeps believing in Sony's other creation THE LIE.. What would Sony think of next. I can't wait.



I think you'll find Nintendo developed the wii controller first! Afterall, it is theirs!

Aflac6330d ago

ya, sony is the least original company of all time! every1 knows that info about the motionsensor controller would have been leaked 4yrs ago if it rlly was part of the plan back then

Shadow Flare6329d ago

So what outstandingly original things has the 360 box provided?

-Better graphics
-Wireless controllers


Think up any more then please tell me

Aflac6329d ago (Edited 6329d ago )

A most pathetically obvious outstanding thing Microsoft came up with: the whole xbox live service (duh!), another thing sony is trying to copy (who, sony?copy?-noway, lol). microsoft was also the first to put in a hdd, which sony shouldve thought of in the first place rather than making gamers go off and buy a puny 8mb memory card for $30. memory for game saves should be available right out of the box, if it's not-thats just pure BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!

Shadow Flare6329d ago (Edited 6329d ago )

What new innovations does the 360 have over the original xbox? That's what i said in my last comment, cos as far as i know, the xbox had live and a hard drive. What totally new innovative ideas has the 360 got?

-better graphics
-wireless controllers


And you'd expect a decent online service to come from that conglomerate monstrosity anyway, at least sony are trying hard for a good online service, whats nintendo got to offer?

By the way, PlayStation innovations:

-originally using CD's, then DVD's, now Blu-ray (which by the way have all proven to be the best formats for gaming)

-The EyeToy (which Microsoft have now stolen the idea to)

-Guitar Hero
-The dancing games that have been spawned from the Dance Mat
-The Eye of Judgement

-Using the PSP to seamlessly intergrate with the PS3

-Designing the cell-chip (which its architecture is based on the design of super computer chips)

-Building a blu-ray drive into the PS3 (to put the issue of expense aside at the moment, blu-ray is the best format for games and it plays HD standard movies, 360 owners will have to buy a less powerful HD-DVD drive add on which will cost them A LOT, so issues of price are becoming irrelevant)

So what brand new innovations does the Xbox 360 have to show over the original xbox and the PS3...none.

Sony is more innovative then Microsoft

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XSpike_SpiegelC6331d ago

if you would have done some reserach, they have had a patnent on the technology being used in the New controller since 1999.....just go look it up....

Aflac6330d ago

after microsoft came up with the idea to do that to the original xbox controller if u look THAT up