BioWare World Design Contest

With the success of last year's writing contest, BioWare has decided to follow it up this year with a world design contest. Anyone who has dreamed of working as a world designer will find this a unique opportunity to get their work noticed by the right people. BioWare is looking for exceptionally talented level designers to help develop their first MMORPG in Austin, Texas.

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snoop_dizzle4476d ago

i can't wait till KOTOR 3.

I just hope it isn't a MMORPG, but that they stick to an RPG.

gta_cb4476d ago

i have seen an MMORPG game, but i have never played one, how come you wouldnt like it to be one?

also i got to say i am very excited about Dragon Ball Online being an MMORPG game =D gonna try and get people to buy it so i wont be on my own haha!

snoop_dizzle4476d ago

because i like the fact that i can play the game alone.

Its kinda like how i feel about Zelda.

MMORPGs from what i heard take a lot longer to play, at least compared to KOTOR or oblivion.

MMORPG's just seem to big to me, thats why ill probably never get into wow.