IGN: Undead Knights Review

IGN writes: "Undead Knights is built on an interesting premise, but that idea isn't taken to the extremes like it should have been. The humor isn't played up enough, the controls can be problematic, it can get rather repetitive and the whole thing just isn't as polished as I would have liked to have seen. If you absolutely love zombies and their lingering walk is funny to you, then you might find something to enjoy here. Otherwise, pass on this one".

Nitrowolf25397d ago

wow low score, im playing the game and only played level one and tbh i like it quite a bit. i would give it a 7 for now, from what i played.

STK0265397d ago

played the first level, I liked it alot, however, it does look dated, music ain't very good (imo), doesn't run very well (it cometimes lags), controls could be a tad better, gets repetitiv quickly and from the looks of it, things won't get better in the latter stages.

But, I must say, it's still nice to see a change in the hack n slash genre, actually, it's always nice to see something else than Dynasty Warriors.

Nitrowolf25396d ago

music i have an issue also, why they use rock idk, would have liked it better with some music of that time.

StylizedPlayer5396d ago

I downloaded it free now they just got my hopes down on the game.


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Inception4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

Yeah, i luv kasumi tits <3
but i never have the time for playing DoA tits...em i mean DoA Paradise
is it worth the time & money?


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