New Lair Gameplay

A new gameplay video of the PS3 exclusive Lair, from Sony Gamers Day 2007.

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ngg123454171d ago

Those graphics look great.

MetalProxy4171d ago

Where are all those people that where trashing the game yesterday? Now they see a video and they shut up or are they absessed with metal gear going multi right now. This game is [email protected]#*ing super awesome.

lil bush4171d ago

this is gonna be the game of the summer imo.......

Cartesian3D4171d ago

nice design and amazing details...

after seeing a off screen HD clip from that contains ingame footage I just peed myself ( I learn this words from someone :P)

sometimes a person(one of developer team) pause the game and explore all the level , its F'ing amazing ! such a HUGA WORLD with nice details..
file name is t_lair_devwt_pt1_gt_h264.wmv , download it and see what I saw
thx Factor5 for this game.. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.