TGS09: Gran Turismo 5 video ( Ferrari 458 at 60 fps )

It's now Polyphony Digital's turn to get some coverage with this gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5. DjMizuhara must have a thing for the Ferrari 458 as this is the car he chose to show us but who would blame him?

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Antan4876d ago

Im hopeful PD will manage to lock at 60fps and eliminate the screen tearing WITHOUT sacrificing the visuals. 6 months or so to release says its very possible. I want them to optimize the hell out of it now!

fishd4876d ago

In Kaz we trust

Bodyboarder_VGamer4876d ago

@Antan. Screen tearing is a problem with Vsync not framerate. MGS4 framerate varies between 30to60 depending in the amount of action and you don't see any screen tearing. Here's a link for you:

And the tearing could be from the video itself and not the game. Nobody ever mentioned screen tearing on their previews of GT5.

Antan4876d ago

Thanks for the link but I know what screen tearing is and how it works, for me its a problem, that of course would be eliminated if they manage lock at 60p. Im hopeful only because the PS2 versions were absolutely solid in this respect, and Kaz being the perfectionist im sure he`ll do it. I`ve seen tearing even in the vids, more noticable in the 60fps vids on Gamersyde.

Strikepackage Bravo4876d ago

that looks sweet, as you can see they improved the background graphics, the trees don't look 2D like they did in GT5Pro.

Any 360 fan who says this does not look good is full of it, especially since this actually looks just like FORZA 3!!!

peep it do a side by side.

kickaski4875d ago

Hello everyone V-Sync is what is needed to get rid of screen tearing. if you have any 3D pc games you'll get an option in the settings for V-Sync

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FiftyFourPointTwo4876d ago

Smells like jealous xbots in here.

Sunny_D4876d ago

I wonder if there's a playable form of the 458 in Forza 3? It's already playable in GT5 even though the 458 was just announced. Or is it going to be a holiday dlc that you have to buy?

Sunny_D4876d ago

Well, that sucks. Knowing MS, they're going to charge 3.99 for it.

foreverflame4876d ago

As PS3fantards keep playing the demo version of GT5 they bought for 40 dollars i will be playing the superior version of the racing genre known as forza 3

pwnsause4876d ago

I'm glad M$ is paying you for Viral Marketing...

snake-OO4876d ago

forza 3 is superior, don't make me laugh. clearly gt5 kills forza, i mean i was playing forza 3 demo and that doesn't look as good as gt5p, and also no 1 has mentioned this yet, even though they keep goin on about graphics, the standby crowd looks like something out of ps2 and there is no pitstop guys in forza 3 but guess what when u go into pitstop in forza 3, the pitstop guys are at all pitstops in ps2 graphics lol but ur stand is empty and car magically fixes itself, and they say forza 3 is next gen.

talltony4876d ago

And I will be playing both fantard!
Fact: I get a better gaming experience than you do.

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