Gears of War graphics on Wii?

Wii UK reports on how Sega have licenced the Unreal 3 Engine for use in 'upcoming North American titles:'

"Whilst it's unlikely Wii would be able to handle the amount of polygons that the engine can toss around, it doesn't rule out some kind of watered down pansy version being utilised to make Wii games just that little bit more pretty." ( quoted from Wii UK )

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eques judicii4476d ago

i thought that epic said the unreal 3 engine can't run on the wii??

maybe not... o well, i think the wii should get its on engines, one's that will be better optimized for its architecture.

I hope sega makes a new side scrolling sonic game with unreal engine... that would be sweet.

gta_cb4476d ago

yeh, i am not saying i am right, but i thought the Unreal Engine was for more... next gen consoles. so with people seeing the Nintendo as a "GCA" (Game Cube Advance) i feel as though a specific engine that would suit the hardware inside mite be better. but im not sure what this engine is like (to work with obviously) so i cant say its not possible.

PS3 Owns All4476d ago

Gears graphics on the Wii? ROFL 360 fans must be pissed lol!

PhinneousD4476d ago

360 fans aren't pissed as your moronic ps3 banter. it would be great to see the wii with comparable graphics. and this article is debunked.
all i have to say is seeing is believing. give my wii something to be visually proud of.

carlman234476d ago

I guess you could scale down the resolution and throw out a lot of the shinier lighting effects. It's not impossible to adapt anything... What's next 'CryTek Light'?

PS3 Owns All4475d ago

Hey news flash Phinneous, I'm not a PS3 fan, I'm a gamer! Slowtard. There is a difference between the 2. This is just an old account I use. I'm just pointing it at u because U have proved to be a 360 fanboy. Get a life kid. Come back in 2 years when you can get it right.

PhinneousD4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

your name says it all dipsh!t. i own all 3, i'm not playing sides. but your comments are asinine, just thought you should be aware.
are you a gamer now? really? so is every1 on this site...leave your elitist crap on forums. so spare me the bullsh!t jackazz.

DirtyRat4476d ago

there is no way in hell UE3 is running on the Wii

PS3 Owns All4475d ago

Its embarrassing now that I think of it.

m000b14476d ago

Ye alright...................

midgard2294476d ago

not unless they watered it down drastically. everyone knows the Wii is Gamecube advanced, even the fans, they just think the controller is fun, but we all know its not a power house

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The story is too old to be commented.