Downgrade the PS3 with the InFeCtuS modchip

QJ Forums member mhorpheox, writes in the QJ Forums that there's been some progress with the InFeCtuS Modchip (the one that's intended to be a modchip for all consoles). To be specific, mhorpheox claims that the modchip is the first that allows the for the PS3 to be downgraded.

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Babylonian4173d ago

You buy one for 600 bucks and then you downgrade it? I don't get it.

gta_cb4173d ago

from your comment i spose you dont own a PSP.

the point in downgrading your PSP is to run homebrew, such as PimpStreamer, dev-hook, IRSHELL, installing custom fw, and many other things. It also allows you to have the ability to flash the bios etc etc allowing you to customise the way your PSP turns on (the wavey lines, sound etc) as many people like customising there stuff. It does also allow you to play copied games off your mem card.

As for the PS3, this is a little strange as i didnt think they had found a way to play copied games, and im not to sure there is much/any homebrew available. but from what i have said above thats the normal reason for downgrading, HOMEBREW!

BIadestarX4173d ago

gta_cb is right.. they are refering to firmware downgrade.. I think.

kewlkat0074172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

the CUSTOM PSP firmwares. While downgrading takes functionalities away it allows Programmers to run unsigned code(homebrew apps like GT described), before SONY implemented, lets say a FIX with their RECENT firmwares. I think you don't need a HARDWARE MOD for the PSP though, it just takes a simple FLASH.

This however might be different...I've never heard of it. But if this is correct it will allow you to LOAD PS3 ISO's. Talk about PSP all over. Ya know the funny thing is I know a lot of people with PSP's because of this. I know SONY claims there was a boost in sales because of a price drop of $30 but how many people got PSP's because they are able to flash it with CUSTOM FIRMWARE without HARDWARE MODS, well Plenty.

WilliamRLBaker4172d ago

yep to downgrade, run copied games...ect all you need to do is flash the bios on the psp no hardware modification needed.

gta_cb4172d ago

the main reason for a mod chip for the PSP was because of the dreaded TA-** board inside a selected few (the more recent ones) and with this board users couldnt downgrade there PSP, but with the chip using its own RAM etc they could. then some of the selected boards where able to, but with the mod chip you can never brick your PSP. i for one got my PSP a year and a half ago (Christmas 2005) and so i didnt nead a mod chip to run custom fw, all i needed was the files etc and good old GTA LCS (unpatched) and off i went =D haha

Shaka2K64172d ago

Damn pirates get a job losers.