The Red Ring of Death

Ask any Xbox 360 owner what their greatest fear concerning their $300-$400 piece of machinery is, and you might receive a variety of answers. For some, the words "Halo 3" and "cancelled" being in the same sentence might bring nightmares to their otherwise soothing dreams. For others, terror might set in at the mere idea of trying to afford a new HD television to take advantage of all the bells and whistles associated with their beefy console. However, one concept that is sure to make the blood run cold in any Xbox 360 owner's veins is the sight of the dreaded "red ring of death". More appropriately, the ring of light on the front of an Xbox 360 flashing red, indicating some major trouble is about to go down.

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PS360PCROCKS6284d ago

Ahh dont post this stuff, I love my Xbox 360 but all this negative stuff makes me scared to own it and turn it on, I really hate that, I have no faith in my console because of this stuff, and it's a launch console so it could only be a matter of time, and I never payed for the warranty so if it dies, I am screwed...

HyperBear6284d ago

And if just saying what could go wrong with our Xbox 360's is bad enough. Wait until PS3 comes out, and then when I pay 700 bucks for it and hook it up and turn it on, and it doesnt work, then im pissed. My 360 has been running since Launch, and when I buy my PS3 and tuirn it on and it doesnt work, then what. Right now im more concerned with the bad news and bad things being talked about PS3, that I cant worry about my 360 dying on me anytime soon.

TheXgamerLive6284d ago

Why post something old and negative from months and months ago?? No the media hasn't portrayed anything of the sort since xmas pretty much so why this crap now?

shotty6284d ago

Well if you walk outside you run the risk of falling airplanes. Idiots.

roninofako6283d ago

couldn't have said it better myself shotty...

Marriot VP6284d ago

every 360 owner gets 6 months free repair after purchase. So that's for disc scratching, overheating...whatever.

PS2 owners were completely screwed as far as the infamous disc error. After you buy one you'll immediately notice the overheating within a few days and get a free replaced 360 within a week.

So really there's no reason to be squeemish about buying one. If there's a problem send it back and get a new one in the mail in a week.


every 360 owner get 3 months, 90 days of free repair.

trust me.


TheMART6283d ago

Well unlike in Europe where we get 2 year of full repair or replacement. I feel sorry for you guys in USA really.

But hey. At least the 360 CPU doesn't have yields like the Cell of 10 to 20% succes factor


Land of Sand how is your proces going on with MS?

And listen this to get some good laugh

THELANDSOFSAND6283d ago (Edited 6283d ago )

its going very well- MS have been in contact with me all weekend, they have offered a 50% discount on the repair, taking it to $65, and they are getting a supervisiors manager to call me today to discuss a free repair or replacement.

&&yes, i have a feeling these stories will pale in comparision to what people buying a $600+ system that breaks will say/act like.

is that lametime? hahaha

TheMART6283d ago

Ah well, 65 dollar it's still money, but it's ok compared to the price of a new drive seperate of 95 dollars and have to fix it yourself. What drive is in your system? A Hitachi or Toshiba/Samsung?

Hope you'll get it for free though!