Sales Editorial: 6 Month USA Launch Inferences

When comparing the respective 6 month launches of Wii, PS3, 360, PS2, Xbox, GC, PS1, N64, here is what we are learning about this generation.

Wii, PS2, and likely N64 sold over 2 million consoles in 6 months (Oct-Mar, Nov-Apr).

Adjusted for USA population growth in 2006-2007 from to 2000-2001, Wii is outselling PS2 by roughly 10%.

Following these two launches, are the 'typical' launches of successful consoles - Xbox, 360 & GC.

These 4 consoles sold in relatively sustainable numbers, although each experience dropoffs in times of competition after launch hype and the holiday sales spikes ware off.

Lastly, the 'bad' launches are Gamecube, PS3, and PS1 all of which average under 300,000 per month for 6 months, despite launch hype and holidays.

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BrotherSic4224d ago

Finally a decent report from VGChartz,

At least the figures are reliable as they are based off NPD numbers rather than the usual guesstimates.

tplarkin74224d ago

The word "likely" isn't very factual. "and likely N64 sold over 2 million consoles in 6 months"

They also guestimate that the Wii is outselling PS2 based on population. They don't account for the larger video game market. Perhaps the Wii is selling less with respect to the market?

kewlkat0074224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Interesting. There is no way I would known this type of INFO, respectively between all of these consoles. So yeah Wii is breaking records eh..

Now, I know they did not take account, "CONSOLES SUPPLY" that was available within the first few months of launch.

Imagine if Wii was in constant supply, same as Xbox 360, the first few months. I don't know if there was shortages with the PS2, GC or the N64.( I had to wait to purchase all 3) Of course the PS3 has plenty in stores.

ironwolf4224d ago

the 360 was also in short supply during its first 6 months.

Keyser4224d ago

That is probably the worst inerpretation of data on gaming consoles that I've ever read.

Why does he look at population grwoth instead of the growth of the gaming industry? Why is the Game Cube in the good launch group and the bad launch group? This article is using facts to try and make assumptions factuals without actually looking at several constraints as well as comparing apples to oranges in many cases.

He didn't take into account 360 shortages or Wii shortages. Where's the statement about the PS3 not launching worldwide at one time like the other 3 systems?

Just not a very good analysis to me... personal opinion.

cookiemonster4224d ago

i thought it was a nice additional piece of information to take in.

But obviously it didn't take into all factors. The same way anyone involved with statistics, whether it be an ecologist, economist, or cost accountant, measuring more than 2 variables at a time is difficult and often inconsistent.

You as the reader need to take this info as an 'inference' (or generalization) as something to take into account, not as a fact that covers all bases.

carlman234224d ago

and population growth are positively correlated and it would require wacky multiple regression analysis in order to remove the effect of one variable from another...

Remember that these are 'rough' estimates!

Kleptic4224d ago

yeah this article is strange...The ps3 did sell over 2 million in its first 6 months also, and numerous articles have stated that it has been the best "playstation" brand launch Sony has ever had...while thats not saying a lotl; this article is saying the ps2 had a better first 6 months...whatever, I am tired of trying to figure this crap out...just waiting for any system to get some better games out soon...

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