MotorStorm Fight Your Way to the Finish Contest

Think you've got what it takes to survive the off-road? Then stop by one of the three PlayStation® trucks (PlayStation Experience, PlayStation Patrol or PlayStation Locker Room Challenge Tour) to test out your skills on MotorStorm during the MotorStorm Fight Your Way to the Finish Contest.

Starting May 4, 2007, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 16 lucky contestants will have a chance to compete for a copy of MotorStorm, a PlayStation t-shirt and local bragging rights! Contests are held Fridays at 4pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm.

The contest runs through Aug 5th, 2007 and is sure to give even the best off-road racers a run for their money! If it turns out that you are just that good, and your racing time beats out those from across the country, you could win a PlayStation prize pack including a PLAYSTATION 3! That's right, we said it, a PLAYSTATION 3! Now, who's the coolest kid on the block?

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HandShandy4224d ago

If one of those big playstation trucks parked outside theMARTs front door. I would just love to see that.

Except... it's not in europe.

Cool idea though.

gta_cb4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

i personly wounder if you have a obsession with TheMART.

gta_cb4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

there seems to be alot of competitions lately =)

shame non of them seem to be in Europe =(