Final Fantasy XIII TGS 09: Official US Trailer HD

Title says it all. Final Fantasy XIII TGS 2009 trailer in English.

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Grimm104322d ago

Wow a lot better then I was expecting!

Characters had the same emotion as the Japanese Va's. Snow sounded strange at first but later on it was really good.

Seems like they had to use slightly different battle scenes since they didn't want to directly use the ones in the other trailer since they were in Japanese.

Also you can tell it's still unfinished since some scenes were lip synced and others were not. And some of the battle speech was in English whilst other parts weren't.

Overall really great and nowhere near as bad as some of the filth you get in other JRPG's.

Maddens Raiders4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

what I see here. Admittedly would love Japanese va w/ st's though.

4322d ago
Noct4322d ago

Awesome! Snow has the same voice as Kanji from Persona 4.

You can tell Vanille is the typical JRPG high pitched voice girl.

Overall no complaints.

Vivi4322d ago

That was really good.

As someone else said Snow is voiced by the VA who does Kanji in Persona 4.

Overall 99% of people will play this game in English and the only people who care about Japanese audio are Anime Japanothiles.

villiers4322d ago

yay they don't sound emo like in the Japanese trailer.

Bodyboarder_VGamer4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

They sound decent. Not as good as Uncharted and definitely not as good as the original japanese voice over. But after seeing this trailer so many times only one thing is clear... I'm not so hyped about this game anymore.

villiers4322d ago

This is a Japanese game whilst Uncharted is Western game. Never except English VA's in a JRPG to match a big Western games VA.

Besides Uncharted doesn't have nowhere near the same amounts of drama, character interaction or the amount of characters as this does....

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The story is too old to be commented.