Sony PS3 Q+A

An internal SCEE Q+A re. PS3, from E3, has made its way onto the web. It's an interesting read - in many ways they would have been better off just releasing this, it would have better communicated some of their points. The highlights, by my reading, or 'new' info:
- Console Assembly will start simultaneously in Japan & China in the summer
- Main semiconductor manufacturing had already started as of E3.
- Specifications are "very close to final"
- Hints at DLNA compliancy (see questions on HDMI)
- Stresses "PS3 is a computer" - notes that standard USB adaptors can be used with PS3. Specifically notes that you'll be able to use standard card readers, wifi adaptors and usb port multipliers (although doesn't address how this will be achieved wrt drivers), and transfer data from PCs and other AV/CE devices.
- The noise output of PS3 is approx 29 db! (Or roughly the same as a slim PS2).
- PS3 is 'BD Live' compliant. (Internet-connected Blu-ray features, like downloadable content and Picture-in-Picture info browsing during movies etc.)
- Up to 8 controllers are supported (presumably 4 wireless + 4 wired).

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Marriot VP6445d ago

Q12. Will the network service be charged ?
A12. Basic services available free for current PCs will be free of charge but content and specific services will be charged from the beginning.

Told you guys that content would be charged if the developers choose to, which they will. How can they fund very very expensive online servers without making money.

Ugly American6445d ago

I buy a very limited amount of the Xbox Live Marketplace stuff. Maybe an Oblivion add-on here and there, but we are still paying to play.

Free online play is awesome. I don't think Sony ever said that EVERYTHING was going to be free. But I still have my doubts that just paying for content and "specific services" will cover the expense of the servers.

Marriot VP6445d ago

the developers decide if you pay for online service and multiplayer on their games. And believe me all if not most you will be paying for online multiplayer just because the costs of running and supporting online features is insanely expensive.

Dustin_c_miller20086445d ago

people started posting this up on gamespot. thought i would share. but this is a great read nice find.



Q69 Why do you like to keep lying to and ripping off your fans?

A69 It's a computer!! Oh, wait. I mean, Sony don't lie and rip off fans. Because its a computer!

Dustin_c_miller20086445d ago (Edited 6445d ago )

can the ps3 seriously be able to use 8 controllers?


yes, looks like it

but how will 8 people play a game!?

shotty6445d ago

Then how come it only has 4 lights for controllers.


maybe only a onscreen system to show the other 4 controllers? I just can't see 8 people being able to play on one tv, one PS3...

i guess we will have to wait for the details.