Stardock Boss: "If Games For Windows Takes Over, I'm Done"

Stardock's Brad Wardell has never shied away from impulsive outbursts, but his latest is definitely one for the record books. When asked about his thoughts on Games For Windows Live, the outspoken CEO gave Microsoft quite the tongue-lashing.

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Pandamobile4877d ago

Fricking Windows Live is ruining everything.

Bnet3434876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Nevermind, I read the comments on the weebsite. I did not know GFWL was that bad. Love me some achievements though. It was nice that Dawn of War II had them, I didn't know.

HDgamer4876d ago

PC gaming is just fine without Windows Live.

Major_Tom4876d ago

GFWL is awful, and to think at one point Microsoft wanted you to pay for their crappy service is a joke.

evrfighter4876d ago

GFWL is major fail.

Can't believe I had to install that junk to play re5.

Though the only thing I'd use to counter-argue his point is that Stardock needs to pull an EA use both Impulse and Steam to distribute their games.

Steam is better than PSN hands down, but I've never been on xbox live so I can't comment there.

HDgamer4876d ago

Of course Steam is better than PSN, it's the pc. pretty much It's Steam > PSN > Live. Live is not worth the service at all.

FrankDrebin4876d ago

Errrrrr......Keep it to the 360 and everything would be fine and dandy. PC gamers don't give a funk about this sort of thing.

Let PC's use Steam, PS3 use PSN and 360 use Live.

Nuff said.

gta_cb4876d ago

Maybe i have just been blind but the ONLY game i have really seen about for GFWL was Shadowrun (which is good on 360). I personally havnt seen any advertisements on the tv or online. I thought they were starting to give up.

sunil4876d ago

Windows didnt ruin anything - its Microsoft thats forcing these

likedamaster4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

I'd say, "stop crying" because I personally never had a single problem with GFW but I've a feeling I might be in the minority.

Personally, I feel GFW should be more streamlined, seamless to the PC experience. What works superbly for a console might not be ideal for the PC platform. That's my opinion on it.

mebob4876d ago

"I'd say, "stop crying" because I personally never had a single problem with GFW but I've a feeling I might be in the minority. "

I say "pull M$ c!#k out of your a$$" because if you never had a problem with GFWL then your either a 360 fanboy or don't actually game on PC. Judging from your comment history i guess the answer is obvious.

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James Bond4876d ago

Don't worry Brad Wardell, you have nothing to worry about.

Godmars2904876d ago

Except for MS's money and influence.

The die-hard loyalist who are going to phantom disagree with me.

Halo_Reach4876d ago

Game sfor Windows are fine aswell.

If Blizzard keep making games for PC everything will be fine.

All the Rest is for Consoles especially Xbox.

Major_Tom4876d ago

Looks like some one has never touched a PC before.

Kain814876d ago

and now, i belive they will Kill Console-Gaming...
i hope that the PC-devs are Supporting Mac and Free OS and i Hope that the Google-OS will get some Marketshare from M$...Competition will Overdrive the PC-Market in my Opinion

paul03884876d ago

I have like GTA and Fallout 3 and I've never had a problem with it. Then again, I also own an Xbox 360 gold account too.

What exactly is the problem with it? I really can't see it. Is it just that you have to pay to play the game? I can see that being a problem for pc exclusive players definitely but I didn't think it was that wide-spread.

Baka-akaB4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Most of us hate the interface , as it's buggy and intrusive . And we frankly have no use for it . And yet it's tentatively forced down our throat , in some pathetic attempt to pay micropayment a usual thing on pc (outsides of mmos)

it doesnt stop piracy in any way , and no games ever needed it .

it could have been usefull if the game it proposes were cross platform , but asides from shadowrun , it's hardly ever done , hence making it ever more useless .

Matchmaking ? every game already did they well on their own , or it's better done with services like steam .

Chatting ? Any third party program do that job better , included Microsoft's very own live messenger .

Achievements ? What's the point when they are easily hacked ? SF4 or fallout 3 achievement and rankings are a joke on pc .

Anyway whats the point of pc when you centralize everything in one single (and crappy) interface and application ? None , might as well just play on consoles if you dont mind being fed stuff without your say so .

And on console it's acceptable , it's actually why you made the choice , it's simplicity and being spoon fed .

M337ING4876d ago

But you don't have to pay for ANY features anymore. They got rid of that a year ago. Personally, I think most PC gamers are unjustified in their hate of LIVE.

Major_Tom4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

It doesn't matter it's a console interface being forced on a PC the thought process behind the meeting for GFWL must have been booze, blow and hookers.

Not to disrespect you but you must not have not played very many games with GFWL if any at all.

Baka-akaB4876d ago

read again , free or not , it's something we dont need forced down or throat that create complications and bugs for many of us .

How is is exagerated if you had no problem launching games , and suddenly , because they wanna "gift" you with achievement and other crapola , you crash all the time ?

besides why do you think it's now free to begin with ? Because we hate it and were vocal about it .

likedamaster4876d ago

Paul, like I've stated in my earlier comment I've never had a problem with GFW but a lot of these reports are legitimate complaints. I've had a ton of problems on Steam and have reported many bugs not only for the service but also for games made by Valve. They're just plain buggy. No service is perfect but I think what many are trying to get across is that GFW has too many restrictions that could otherwise make it a competing service.

paul03884875d ago

I see what you guys were saying now.

And @ Major Tom: As I said in my comment, I've only played 2 GFWL games, GTA 4 and Fallout 3 so I really don't have much experience with it.

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