One More Go: Why Halo makes me want to lay down and die

There are those who say that when any door closes another one opens. These people have clearly never queued for the ladies toilet in St Pancras Station. Conceptually, though, they have a point. Endings are often beginnings.

The biggest ending of all, however, has long had me beat. As a wet-humanist, I have no big expectations for life after death. A bit of rotting. General blankness. The absence of everything is a prospect I've always found more soothing than daunting. The concept of heaven has always troubled me far more. What would it be like? What would I want it to be like?

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ShabzS4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

that was awesome ...

"Fun. Silliness. Generously assisted nonsense. Halo was always a very adaptable toy-set, full of springs and balls and dolls waiting to be tossed in the air with endlessly unpredictable results."

couldn't have said it better ... 5 years ago games like halo ce and gta san andreas were just the perfect method for me to calm my nerves down...

this is why i love video games... even today games have these traits