Ubisoft CEO sees Sony's console lead weakening

NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Corp. risks losing its iron grip on the game console market with its new PlayStation 3 and needs to significantly lower the price on its high-end machine to woo buyers, Ubisoft Entertainment's (UBIP.PA: Quote, Profile, Research chief executive said on Wednesday.

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snoop_dizzle4174d ago

will be a lot more even. Not like last time with the PS2 dominating.

daous4174d ago

With Sony's decision to price the PS3 out of the average gamer's price range (even for its lower end, 20 GB PS3) and the lack of several AAA launch titles (which would've been alright IF the XBox360 didn't launch a year before, and the Wii didn't launch with the awesome Zelda: Twilight Princess).

I got a PS3 so early, because of my trust in the Playstation brand in the last two generations. I have played the most time on my PS1 and PS2, compared to any other console I own so far (and YES, I DO own more than just Sony consoles: Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS1, PS2, PS3). I decided to buy the PS3 first (first, being the key word here), because they have the upcoming games I want:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (which I will still buy despite me owning NG: Black on Xbox), Ratchet and Clank: ToD (my favourite PS2 franchise), Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus III, White Knight Story, MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, Heavenly Sword, and Devil Mary Cry 4 (which I am aware that it will be on the 360 too).

Other inevitable franchises I want: God of War, Dragon Quest (X, probably), Star Ocean, Shadow Hearts, etc.

As you can see, I'm a big RPG fan (for Japanese-style ones in particular, though I do love the occasional Diablo, Dungeon Seige, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).

Of course, I want to eventually purchase the Xbox360 AFTER Microsoft has dealt with all the "Red Rings of Death" and disc scratching issues (therefore, I am waiting for them to switch their CPUs to 60 nm chips to reduce heating problems). I honestly can't wait to play their current and upcoming games: Halo 3, Mass Effect, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Blue Dragon, Lost Oddysey, Gears of War.

Then there's the Wii (which my bro will purchase late summer). It's the console with the least amount of games I am looking forward to, and, just like the N64 and Gamecube, I am only looking forward to the Nintendo-made games: Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc.

PSWii60 for the win :D

kewlkat0074174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

don't have much to say about this because it is true. You'd be in denial if you didn't think so.

START . SONY had most of the MARKET with the PSone/two. The 360 is a much better competition then the Dreamcast, N64, Saturn, JAG, 3DO, was during those times. NINTENDO stayed afloat with POKEMON crazy and GBS.

1. I acknowledge Competition and I ACCEPT it. Fanboys loyalist can't seem to make a mends with themselves or accept the FACT SONY is not alone anymore. Jeeze, even I had SONY's both last gen COSNOLES and see this. BUT I was never some Loyalist. NOT sure where it came from. THE PS was not my first CONSOLE and sure won't be my LAST of choice.
***************************** ****
SONY - Has lost MAREKT-SHARE and EXCLUSIVES because the 360 is doing better than expected, coming into this tough INDUSTRY, where others have failed really BAD.

MICROSOFT- HAS gained some of the MARKET-SHARE and EXCLUSIVES, as well as ESTABLISH their BRAND-NAME.(not quite there yet in some places)
***************************** ****

2. AFTER the Xbox came into the MARKET, a lot of fanboys were screaming they should quit, since it did not take over the PS2 right away and it lost a lot of MONEY. WELL, that was not MS's goal with the XBOX. Granted it had some great graphics but came into the INDUSTRY late.(All gamers new was SONY for the most part. Of course it did not die in vain. Look at where we are today.

3. The same way SONY and PS3 is loosing lots of MONEY early on(because of strategy to come in late), just as the XBOX console did, I would hope Gamers look at it as a LONG-TERM INVESTMENT as they do with SONY. THE only difference is SONY is the MARKET-LEADER so their LOSSES means a lot more, because it could mean the difference of a GAMER "jumping" in the to COMPETITION.

4. Just as MS Windows has a serious grip on the OS market, just as SONY did a couple years ago. THE thing is I still do not see any SERIOUS competition to challenge WINDOWS. I'm not talking about Linux wanna bees either.
CONSOLES will be on EVEN FOOTING this gen, while I still give SONY the EDGE because of it's past fanbase which is still strong. Just don't tell that to MS because it full steam ahead, and we will see another XBOX.

5. COMPETITION is great for the Industry and games. keeps DEVELOPERS on their TOES, as they will be challenged, by all three CONSOLE's ARCHITECTURE. WHO really cares which one has the EXTRA FLOP, because HARDWARE SPECS allow DEVELOPERS to dream about it whats possible, but as we all know all DEVELOPERS are not created EQUAL..Don't expect to see every game looking like Gears of war or Motorstorm. Just don't be bash that games that do not and let the developers be.

END . I just hate the bashing of the 360, its a great console, and reliability will get better. This is MS's 2nd chance at HARDWARE,ASK NINTENDO how they got better at HARDWARE. When back in the days I used to be close to beating a game only to have that dreaded continuous "LOOP" after the game heating. I'll never forget that when I was at level 60 or so on GAUNTLET. REMEMBER all the little tricks to get your game cartridge to work?

Pheneus4174d ago

Every console generation is a fresh start. Especially when you lose all of your exclusives and your system goes from the least expensive to the most by 30% without any perceivable 30% value increase. It is just common sense.

spacetoilet4174d ago

And fud artists keep posting this crap constantly. Makes me larf.
Play your Halo botties!

SimmoUK4174d ago

That the price needs lowering, PS3 is ahead of the market hardware wise, but PS2 and PSP continue to sell well for Sony and it is this Fall that really matters, it would be nice to see a price drop now the manufacturing costs have been cut...

Rasulis4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I don't believe a price drop will even change things that much. Sony has already lost a massive amount of money on the PS3 and if they drop it by 100 dollars the gap will just increase. But a 100 dollar decrease isn't going to even put it close to the mass consumer price range. 500 dollars is to expensive for most people. The PS2 didn't hit huge until it got in the 200$ range.

It might help push a few extra sales, however I don't believe it will create a spike in sales.

Not to mention Microsoft will just follow. If Microsoft would just drop their price, finally, I might buy one, but being a broke ass college student, I still see 400$ being to expensive for a console.

daous4174d ago

I kind of see what you mean about the drop in price (by a $100 or less) will only create a spike, but not a longterm boost in sales.

Look at the Gamecube: when they dropped it to $99, the sales skyrocketed, but 2 months later it returned to selling a low number of units.

HOWEVER, even if the PS3 sells a LOT in only two months, then lowers, it will still sell at a far higher rate than what they are at right now in the three major regions (North America, Europe, and Japan). Furthermore, unlike Gamecube, where the price was ALREADY lower than the PS2 and Xbox before the drop to $99, a MUCH LARGER population of the gamers know the Playstation brand. Remember, the PS1 was responsible for bringing the console gaming industry into the mainstream, not the Super Nintendo (though I think they had the best AAA games ever for any console to date). Most gamers and non-gamers, thanks to Sony's mass marketing advantage, are at least aware of the Playstation brand and the sheer amount of great games they had.
Furthermore, both the PS1 and PS2 each had an install base of over 100 million globally, versus the Xbox and GC, which each had just under 20 million. A lot of gamers around the world, who aren't as hardcore as us (who visit sites like,,, etc.) are WAITING for a PS3 price drop. The public appeal IS there for Sony's PS3, but the demand is not matching that mainly because, as people have mentioned before me:

1. The price tag
2. The lack of good games (at the moment)

If Sony dropped the price tag of the PS3 by $100 during the time period where they release Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ratchet and Clank: ToD, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, GTA IV, and Heavenly Sword, then they will sell massive amounts of units. They aren't bunching all those release dates around Fall 2007 for no reason (otherwise, the games will kill each other in sales).

Rasulis4173d ago

It has very little to do at this point with games. Hell the PS3 could have all the exclusives, but at 600$ it's not going to appeal to the majority of consumers. Most people don't have 600$ to drop on a game console like it's nothing. Even at 500$ it might pick up a little but it wouldn't sky rocket.

Sony has put themselves in a hard place by alienating themselves from the mass audience of consumers that bought the ps2 for 200 dollars.

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