Video Comparison: Forza 2 vs. Gran Turismo HD

Loot Ninja showed you some pictures before comparing the titles, now we bring you some video footage to compare Forza 2 and Gran Turismo HD.

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Lyberator4475d ago

Does GT:hd model damage on their cars?

drunkpandas4475d ago

Polyphony Digital has stated they have no intention of adding damage to the Gran Turismo series

Lord Anubis4475d ago

when in the world did they say they wont add damage?

drunkpandas4475d ago

One of the developers, skebe, posted on ps3forums in response to tons of questions about it, where skebe said they have no intention of adding this to the game.

Lord Anubis4475d ago

why don't you post the quote, because Polyphony has not made any statements.

MySwordIsHeavenly4475d ago

No, but if they did would actually be done WELL!!!

Forza's model damage is CRAP!!!

The representative from Polyphony Digital said that it's too far along to add model damage to THIS game. He also said that if they could get the rights to it, they would love to have model damage...

Bill Nye4475d ago

I know the quote you speak of. From what I understood from it, they have no intention of adding damage specifically to GT:HD, not the GT series in general.

Their excuse for not adding damage has always been that it would not be realistic enough. And I'd have to agree with them from the looks of Forza 2. However, DiRT's damage system is pretty impressive, and I think it might be possible this generation to accomplish what Polyphony seeks. Perhaps not in GT5, but maybe GT6.

daous4474d ago

Actually, they are thinking of adding the car damage as a patch for GT 5 later on, since they won't have enough time to simulate realistic damage to over 500 cars. DiRT is a lot easier to do, since it's, like Motorstorm, limited to a specific type of terrain, and a specific type of vehicle, and also a limited number of vehicles (compared to the Gran Turismo series).

It will also take quite a while convincing EVERY car brand company to give Sony and Polyphonal Digital the license to DAMAGE their cars... I highly doubt the companies would be pleased to see their own cars damaged, and allow gamers to compare the "quality" and "strength" each car has.

marinelife94474d ago

He's right. We don't know for sure if it came from a Polophony guy officially or not. But the person said something to the effect that they were too far along into the project to add damage modeling. And that if they did it they would want to do it right (ie running into a wall at 100 mph and just losing your bumper) and they didn't have the time to do it the way they want to. But this could of been another MS worker spreading misinformation.

blackmagic4474d ago

vehicle damage is a complex thing to handle... The car manufacturers don't want all those potential customers to see how their cars would disintegrate in an actual crash and simply will not licence the cars to devs if they depict it. If you read the forza developer diaries you would see how it is a constant pull/push effort to do the damage modeling that they do in forza.

You also need to understand that licencing a car with damage modeling is more expensive. It can cost as much as five times more to licence a car with damage vs without. Don't let polyphony fool you, although I'm sure they do want to do damage modeling correctly, I can tell you that the decision not to do it is 95% financial.

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Odion4475d ago

lets see tech demo Vs real game hrmmm

THWIP4475d ago

...because it has the full damage modeling, ON TOP of the graphical flare. The difference, graphically, is so minute (more a difference in art/design, than hardware), that it's a virtual draw ; Polyphony Digital just spent more time on trees and lighting, where Turn 10 spent more on the cars. Too bad for PD, GTHD isn't a game about trees; they kinda miss the whole point behind a TRULY realistic driving sim. :o

tmax4475d ago

--The difference, graphically, is so minute (more a difference in art/design, than hardware), that it's a virtual draw --

You my friend are blind and delusional. absolutely no comparison. GT HD is much better.

marinelife94474d ago

You are right about the damage modeling but GTHD looks a lot better. Sorry

Frulond4474d ago

GT:HD is NOT a new game but a high definition version of Gran Turismo 4 (or so I heard), so you basically comparing an enhanced version of an old game with a "next generation" complete game. The lightning effects are horrible in Forza 2 and overall graphics look Arcade-ish to me while GT:HD came out LAST YEAR and still owning the so called NEXT GEN racing games.

It's disappointing comparing a GT:HD with a new game and still lose to it. I think there will be no driving game that can beat Polyphony, their dedication, hard work and focus in detail will keep beating generations of driving games.

I still remember when I played the 1st Gran Turismo on PSone, was unmatchable and its later versions beat any current games in the market. I don't know what other games Polyphony as made beside GT series and Omega Boost but to me it seems all they do, work and live for is Gran Tursimo.

Coffin874475d ago

forza = mediocre next-gen graphics.
gt:hd = almost photorealistic.

gorza hasn't got a CHANCE. the cars look like bad plastic models. in gt:hd the cars look (in one word) REAL.
and gt5 will look twice as good. ;D

Lyberator4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

So your saying already real looking cars can look twice as good? Interesting.

THWIP4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

...and it's all possible, by having to use ZERO processing power on realistic driving/damage. I guess you'll enjoy looking at the photorealistic trees, and how they cast such realistic reflections on your car.... as you carelessly bounce from one guardrail to the next. :o

warfed: The damage modeling was turned way down for the demo, you dork. But even so, at least SOMETHING was damaged. With the entire GT series, you can easily win every race, by never letting up off the gas, and wedging in between cars/guardrails, at 150-200 mph, with not even a SCRATCH. :o

warfed4475d ago

I laugh at people that say ohhh forza got damage its so realistic... hit a wall goin 260mph and you break a head light... yeah realistic...

WafflesID4475d ago

ARRRR. Thar be Trolls har matay!

Damn fanboys (ON BOTH SIDES) just scour the god damn internet waiting for crap like this appear.


Lyberator4475d ago

And your contributing to the problem.

WafflesID4475d ago

Yup you got me. Somehow I must be trolling in that post somewhere. I must have used some l33t encryption to encode "XB0X FTW! F0rZa KeWL KRakka SHIZniggits! PS3 suX0RZ!" in the text up there.

My bad.

Bill Nye4475d ago

When did pirates become troll hunters?