Petition for Immediate PS3 Price Cut

According to, many people are not really liking the PS3 price tag, and are signing a petition asking Sony to drop the price of the PS3 immediately.

If you want to sign the petition, click the link.

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zantetsuken4477d ago

This can't be serious...

I'm not happy cars run over $1000, let's make a petition?
I'm made food doesn't come with my fridge, let's petition.

This is getting ridiculous now.

snoop_dizzle4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

sony is losing money on their consoles as it is.

I don't think it is apparent to someone.

While it is a good deal(technologically speaking for the price, not the games, yet at least), i think a lot of people might be having a hard time justifying 600 dollars when there aren't many games out for it, or are even able to afford it. And then there are just some people who just complain about everything.

However, even without a price drop, we will see PS3 sales go up, once alot of the upcoming PS3 games come out.

zantetsuken4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

At this point, I don't see sales going up until, like you mentioned, good games come out.

However, I find this petition completely silly. It's not going to boost sales enough to make a difference. And there's no way in a hell a petition is going to drop the price.

snoop_dizzle4477d ago

unless it gains a MASS following, and they decide to not buy a PS3 even when good games come out, until Sony drops the price, but i highly doubt that will occur.

Close_Second4477d ago

...Sony's sales pitch that you're getting a lot of technology for your buck has fallen of deaf ears. Most (I repeat, most) consumers probably regard it as an expensive device for playing games and all the crap about Blu-Ray playback, being able to run Linux, blah, blah, blah, amounts to nothing.

Plain and simple, Sony needs to drop the price so its cheaper than the Xbox 360. The PS2 was always cheaper than the original Xbox so that made the choice easier for last-gen consumers.

deeplies24477d ago

Sony needs a price cut and thats a fact. Unless Sony is happy with only 5,000,000 fanboys as his customers.PERIOD

XboxOZ3604477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

With Sony currently loosing aroun $US260 per 60gig console, and having lost $US1.3 billion in their gaming divisons year ending '06 and a further $US1.9 billion in the gaming divison the first quarter '07. A record high for Sony over the last 7 years - not a target they want to be shouting from the rooftops, that's for sure . . . Dropping the price "immediately" is not only an absurd request, but a sure sign that those on the petition have little knowledge of what mess Sony are currrently in financially in that division.

Sony have stated that there's little hope of a price drop for the next 21 years, as the current model stands. There has been talk of it making some drastic cahnges, like removingthe Blu-Ray player, and replacingit with something else, but this would shaft many developers that have already began work on Blu-Ray based games.

To reduce cost this early in a production cycle is extremely hard, it's taken MS Xbox-Div almost 2 years to get to a stage where they are breaking even in parts pricing, but not in production costs. This will only happen once they implement the 65nm CPU in Spring (US). SO expecting the same from Sony this early, is again a sign that many Sony gamers have little knowledge of what has gone on or is going on behind the sceens at SES.

Far too many are quick to condemn a platform for its misfortunes, and unfortunately, it seems many Sony fans have one tracked minds with regards to getting what they want, even at the expense of the platform they are supposedl supporting. If they want Sony's Gaming Division out of the gaming arena, then yes, by all means petition the hell out of Sony to reduce their consoles RRP, because that's what will happen.

daous4477d ago

Just wanted to say it was Sony's biggest lost in 4 years, not seven.

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XS4477d ago

lol only 2 signatures

snoop_dizzle4477d ago

so much for a mass following.

gta_cb4477d ago

there prob not signing it because they dont think Sony will drop the price, also i am not going to get one til a the price drops, and b until more great games come available, at the moment the Xbox 360 line up will keep me happy for a long time =D

marionz4477d ago

but sony consoles get more and more expensive, its about time sony gave consumers what they want, not blu-ray or any of the gimmics that keep pushing the price up

they blew it for alot of people this time round, i have no doubt the ps3 is better value then the wii but when there is a cheeper option in the 360 so many people will buy that instead

like me im sure there are alot of people that may put more consideration into buying a ps3 if it was cheeper, but right now ill pass thanks

kornbeaner4477d ago

The PS3 is the best value out there even at $600.

There is so much built into the box $600 is really cheap and the heavy losses they are taking on each sold reflect that.

marionz4477d ago

you say the ps3 is the best value and that may r may not be true depending on what features you actually want
i want games and great online so yes the price is too much, not everybody wants blu-ray but its forced on people anyway and i can live without motion controlls thanx
for what they pack into the ps3 it probably is a good price....BUT its not a good price for a CONSOLE

and im not suporting either bluray or hd-dvd, ill wait till there is just one standard before wasteing my money

kornbeaner4477d ago

but forget the core of the machines cause that's apple's and oranges.

But just feature-wise it's a better value.

You get 60 gig HDD, Wi-fi, memory card reader, wireless control, plug and charge option built in to recharge your controller. Then to top it off you get blu-ray added to that and it's backwards compatiable with(most, about 95%) PS1/2 games. Now the Blu-ray movie playback is somthing I don't use that often but it's nice to have. Add all that to a 360 and you're well past $600 and the wii offers nothing to compete with either. yeah PSN isn't Xbox live but at the same time I'm not paying $50 a year for somthing I really don't care for.

Not wanting to flame but $600 is really a great deal for everything this machine can do. Exclusive games are a little low right now but multi-platforms and ports are there and available and I have had nothing but fun with mine since NOV 17th.

Satanas4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Not sure why you assume people don't want Blu-ray.

I wanted the Blu-ray and the Cell. The price didn't bother me, but alas, I'm sure it is out of the question for many.

Anyway, online petitions are essentially useless due to the fact that no proper signatures are given, and "signatures" can be made multiple times by the same people, giving it no true meaning.

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Phantom_Lee4477d ago

if we dont like something, we just get an online petition..

snoop_dizzle4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

petitions regarding video games recently. I think a few months ago one was about keeping DMC4 exclusive.

One good petition recently though regarding video games was against jack Thompson

gta_cb4477d ago

"One good petition recently though regarding video games was against jack Thompson"

and i missed it! =( *cries* i hate him and i would have DEFFINATLY signed that!

Robotz Rule4477d ago

Sony is losing big $$$$$ for every Playstation 3 sold,they can't afford to lose anymore money,so if a MAJOR PRICE DROP happens,Sony might vanish forever due to $$$$$ problems they are facing,but like snoop_dizzle said,Playstation 3's are going to sell even without a price drop as soon as Sony starts flowing great games torward the PS3

I don't know,I'm just happy to own mine along with my trusty 360:)

snoop_dizzle4477d ago

but yeah it still wouldn't be good for Sony to drop the price just yet.

deeplies24477d ago

according to Sony tards everything is under control " Sony knows what is doing, bla, bla, bla". If such a good plan they have drop the price, in the long run the're going to win, right? Isn't that what fantards say everyday.

Price cut FTW, sign me up.

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